Friday, December 05, 2008

Why not to use Google Chrome in your Power Savvy Laptop?


I had previously used and tested Google chrome for its Hindi (Indic) capabilities, and had quickly abandoned since it was giving trouble here and there. Recently, after going through a report about browser share – yes, Chrome is gaining share - I tested Chrome again.

To my horror, when I opened about 8-10 tabs in Google Chrome, my laptop’s on-demand CPU cycle remain steady at 100% status and because of this, my laptop goes red-hot and its battery drained more quickly than ever. Instead of usual Two-and-half hour back-up, my laptop’s battery drained completely within an hour.

Probably, this is because, Google chrome opens a new process every time when a user opens a tab, and hence it uses your precious CPU cycle, memory and – Well, your computer’s power at an unprecedented rate.

So, beware – use Google Chrome with caution especially when you are on Battery power.

I have used Opera, Konqueror (in Linux), Firefox, Internet Explorer, Epipheny – and found that Firefox uses least CPU cycles on its heavy usage. And, if you use Opera as RSS reader, otherwise a light browser, it too become bloatware.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Yet another reason to use Linux instead of (Windows) Vista

Yet another reason to use Linux instead of (Windows) Vista

Recently I baught BSNL EV-DO card that provides broadband (144 Kbps – 2 Mbps – averaging about 500 Kbps) on the go. I tried to run it on my 64 bit Windows Vista Laptop (a triple boot machine XP, Vista 64 bit & Ubuntu 64 bit) but failed. Driver simply failed to work. However, it works well in Windows XP environment.

Then I tried it on Linux. On my Ubuntu 64 bit Linux machine, running this device is pretty much straight forward. Here is how you can install and run BSNL evdo card in your Linux machine too:  (though you can do this with dozens of different methods with equal number of tools – classic Linux style!) 

1 – install kppp if you don't already have. Skip to section 2 if you already have kppp. Connect to Internet with some alternative method, and then use following command to install kppp in Ubuntu:

# apt-get install kppp

2 - Now, run kppp by giving command:

# kppp

On the kppp window that appears, click on Configure, then click on Accounts tab that appears. Click on New, and then provide connection name such as BSNL, and in telephone number, fill #777. Click OK. Further, click on Modem tab and then click on New. Give it a name such as evdo, then onModem Device dropdown menu, select /dev/ttyUSB0. Click OK twice to save setting. Finally, click on Connect button on KPPP main window. And, Bingo! Your evdo device connects to internet instantly.

Except KPPP installation, the method given above will work well in all  major latest Linux Distributions such as Fedora, Mandrive, SUSE etc.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chhattisgarhi Operating System will now be a reality very soon

I was dreaming for this since long-long ago. Now it will be a reality. Sarai had accepted to support Chhattisgarhi Localization of KDE. Here is the mail by which  Gora announced this. Maithly and Gujarati were another language among accepted projects :



Hello everyone,  It gives us great pleasure to announce the list of fellowsfor the 2008 Sarai FLOSS fellowship programme.

The number of fellowships
this year represents a dramatic increase from pastyears. We are thankful to NIXI, and in particular, to theirCEO, Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal for their
generosity in making somany fellowships possible. Below is the list of 21 awardees.

The list is also availableonline at <> .

We will be in touch with each of the fellows, andalso with anyone who sent in a proposal by the coming weekend.Please feel free to write to me with any queries, and/orconcerns. The final list is:   1. Debayan Banerjee/Sawood Alam: Joint award for OCR in Urdu, Bengali, etc., based on Google Tesseract 

2. Abhishek Choudhary et al: Hindawi is a system to allow programming in Indian languages. This project proposes to build online courseware to introduce the various components of Hindawi, to improve the project documentation, create a syllabus around Hindawi, distribute live CDs, and hold lectures.  

3. Hassath: Making of a short film using FOSS tools, documenting the process, and listing pros and cons of the applications.  

4. Sachin Joshi: Integrating automated speech recognition (ASR) for Hindi into the Linux platform.  

5. Aadil Kak: Kashmiri font completion, and localisation of KDE 4.2.  

6. Friji Karthikeyan: Internet Radio framework, with interface to, and hosting on  

7. Satya Komaragiri: Speech-to-text support in OLPC, with Hindi ASR.  

8. Manu Konchady: FOSS online tutor to teach students new languages, using text-to-speech, and a web-based framework.  

9. Ajay Kumar: Sahana client on Openmoko mobiles. Sahana is the disaster relief management system used for the Bihar floods, tsunami, etc. 

10. Sangeeta Kumari: Maithili localisation of KDE4.2, Fedora, and the Chatzilla IM client. 

11. Pranav Madhyastha / Sriram Chaudhary: Joint award to develop a system of machine translation (MT) from English to Hindi.
This will consist of a web framework to assist improvement of the background engine, and work on an open-source MT engine, Anusaaraka. 

12. Helen Mary: Open-source database, and tools to study mental retardation. 

13. Kartik Mistry: Gujarati localisation of KDE 4.2, usability workshop, and some internationalisation work for KDE 

14. Rajeev Sebastian: Indic text rendering in Scribus, a page layout (DTP) application, using the Harfbuzz library. 

15. Shishir Sharma et al: Intelligent Transliteration from Romanised English to Hindi 

16. Syed Shikeb: Urdu localisation of KDE 4.2. 

17. Ravishankar Shrivastava: Chhatisgarhi localisation of KDE 4.2. 

18. Sreeraj R: Adding feature to System Verilog support for ICARUS. System Verilog is a hardware description, and verification language (HDVL) used, e.g., to program FPGAs. 

19. Srujanika: Addition to Oriya dictionary, including scientific and technical terms. 

20. Shamail Tayyab: Web-based secure P2P. Promotes sharing in a community-based way 

21. C S Yoganada: Extend Sagar (TeX) to Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi,Gujarati and Oriya





Congrats to all!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get Email alert about new blog posts by BigB Amitabh Bachhan

When you try to subscribe Amitabh Bachhan's Blog at BigAdda through a link given in sidebar, to your HORROR, you will see this:

For Some bizarre and strange reasons, registrations had been disabled!

Still, you can subscribe BigB's blog in your favorite Rss readers and E-mail client that support RSS feeds. The feed address of BigAdda - BigB blog is:

Further, If you want to get email alert on your inbox, (Once in a day - provided that there is new post by AB, by ) here is a workaround - burn that feed as a new feed in Feedburner, and get subscribed yourself. If you think this is too complicated, I had deviced it for you. Simply fill your e-mail address in the box given below, click on subscribe button, confirm the subscription as directed and you are done.

To Get E-mail ALERT about Amitabh Bachhan’s new blog post on your in-box, simply fill in your e-mail address below and click on subscribe button. You will get an e-mail alert from Feedburner whenever Big-B writes something new. Happy reading!
Enter your email address:

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Windows Vista Resource Kit : A valuable reference book for all

windows vista resource kit review

Windows Vista Resource Kit (Updated for Service pack 1) is jointly authored by Mitch Tulloch, Tony Northrup, Jerry Honeycutt with Microsoft Windows Vista team and Published by Microsoft Press. It may be considered as valuable, complete reference book for Windows Vista. A must for Windows Vista System administrator, since book had not only covered all new features of Windows Vista, but had few dedicated chapters on Windows Vista Troubleshooting.

The book’s content is divided in 6 parts namely,

  1. Overview : What’s New, Improvement, security enhancement etc.
  2. Deployment : Setup and installation issues, testing application compatibility, configuring Windows etc.
  3. Desktop Management : Managing group policies, managing user disk & file system, bitlocker drive encryption in detail, managing printing, search, Internet Explorer etc.
  4. Desktop Maintenance : Desktop Health, software update etc.
  5. Networking : Configuring Firewall, remote users etc.
  6. Troubleshooting : Issues related to Setup, Startup, Hardware, Driver, Disk Issues etc.

Further, the book contains valuable, easy How to guide for practically every tough task. For example, here is a few list that is self explanatory :

  1. How to use startup and recovery dialogue box
  2. How to use system configuration tool
  3. How to use BCDEdit…

And so on…

The book is voluminous one and above stated 6 parts of the book had been further divided in to 32 detailed well crafted chapters. The book is full of illustrations and minutest of Vista’s aspect such as “how to use on-screen keyboard” had been illustrated. The book’s language is simple, the format is well designed for easy navigation and at the end, you can find glossary where you can search for the topics with the given keyword.

So, if you are going to work on Vista for quite some time, then go no further. Consider owning this book and you will never regret for your decision.


Windows Vista Resource Kit (Second Edition)

Authors : Mitch Tulloch, Tony Northrup, Jerry Honeycutt with Microsoft Windows Vista team.

Publisher : Microsoft Press

ISBN No. 9780735625969

Pages : 1969, with a companion CD

Price : $69.99 Discounted price &44.09 at

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Top missing features in Google Android Smart Phone

5 biggest flaws in google android mobile phone

Ok, ok, T-mobile’s G1 with Google Android is one hell big smart phone. But it had following missing features that makes it no smart in any way:

1 It can show your location with the help of GPS and Google Maps. It can even show you your way if you happen to live in some selected cities. I know my place’s position well. Can this piece of marvel tell you the position of the caller at the other end? Is it smart enough to tell me that the caller is calling either from his bathroom or is he actually on roming as he is claiming?

2 It can tell you description about the caller – which a simple phone can also do. But this smart phone can’t tell about the mood of the caller. For example, you are prepared to have a romantic chat with your fiancé or want to have a lovely conversation with your boss in the morning, but eventually you ended up receiving endless nags. And you say your phone is smart! Huh!

3 Can this smart phone – or any smart phone if that matters - tell you “Brother, you are going to misplace me right now, so be cautious” No! And it isn’t any smart either.

4 OK, when it get lost, it can lock & encrypt sensitive data so that no one can use it. But if some one stole it for forensic analysis – e.g. your fiancé – then can it destroy itself with all its sensitive data?

5 Agreed, your smart phone can do host of work that include entertaining you with audio-video, games, help you in your office work, can automatically order pizza… etc. But, is it smart enough to turn pages of news paper that you are reading right now? It can not prepare steaming hot coffee for you either.

Are you still going to say it as Smart? May be some day, in near future it may become one.

(picture courtesy - Gizmodo)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

13 worst web glitches of 2008 (so far)


In the era of Cloud Computing (Dell failed to get trade mark for this, thank god, else we may have to pay for this term too) web glitches are as certain for the mankind – as taxes and, well - death.

Here are # top 13 worst web glitches of 2008 (so far, and counting…)

# 1 – E-Mail : Yep, e-mail. Everybody had encountered more and more spam than genuine mail in the year 2008. No matter how strong you define filters for Viagra, no matter you use HSCA (Heaviest and deadliest Spam Cruncher Application) to weed out mail offering you Viagra, mail containing V}Agra or Vi{}gra will sneak in to your inbox to erect your anger. Isn’t e-mail be termed as the #1 worst web glitches of all time? Just Imagine our easy life if e-mail had not been invented in the very first place.

#2 – Blog : Do you blog? If not, then you are nobody. And that is why everybody – from celebrity to nobody is in to serious blogging. Blogging had made glitches everywhere – from work to relationships and what not. You are in to serious business, and your rss reader pops up from nowhere telling you that your web friend had just published a great blog post. And, you have to read it first at all cost. Damn, glitch!

# 3 – Social Networking sites : Orkut – Facebook – Linkdin et al : Web users are getting more and more antisocial with the help of these social sites. They are getting indulged in more and more virtual activity than REAL physical activity. Reading and writing scrap books and messages were getting more important than saying hello to your colleague next bench. Web Glitch for Social man? If not, then what?

# 4 – YouTube : Once upon a time, getting too bored with his idiot box (the TV), man turned to the web – only to find TV’s big daddy – the YouTube. All kinds of funny and racy videos out there makes glitches in your fertile mind before and after watching them! And with Zoost, BlipTV etc. - huh! Glitches – more Glitches!!

# 5 – Twitter : Man was never so much interested in what other men were doing in their bed rooms and bath rooms until Twitter arrives. Twitter also helps you know what your friend’s friend’s friend’s cousin is doing at the moment you were seriously trying to fix that damn bug in that tiny two lines program. If you do not think this as glitch, then you are a moron, and you are free to use as many twitter clones like pownce, tumblr and what not.

# 6 – Flickr : Photos – photos and photos. Beautiful Lindsay Lohan posing as nude Marlin Monroe, bathing Paris Hilton caught on camera, Michel Jackson without his nose prop and so on… If, according to you, these are not glitches for you, then go seek an appointment to your psychiatrist right away…

# 7 – Wikipedia : Ask somebody some question, and, instead of using his brains, he instantly turns to Wikipedia for an answer. If not, then, I bet, he sure turns to Wikipedia for a second opinion. The real glitch is, web-life without Wikipedia is now unimaginable.

# 8 – Google : Struck somewhere for a clue? Want tip to grow wheat in barn? How to overclock an ordinary digital clock? Google hai na. Turn to Google. And you will find 1000000000 answers. Means, 1000000000 glitches. Oh, man!

# 9 – IM, Skype, Gtalk : The real glitch here is the man with few words in his real life become too talkative. A case of split personality? Yeh, you are right. This is the real glitch with IMs.

# 10 – e-Bay : You have the newest and latest model of MP3 player, working in perfect working condition. Still, when an irresistible offer pops out in eBay with a big bargain, you opted to get one. The glitch here is, you already have a dozen or so latest MP3 player you have purchased within six months. And the case is similar with other gadgets as well. And for payment? There is another glitch. So, read on…

# 11 – PayPal : With PayPal donation button, you can always hope for begging hefty donation. The glitch is, they never materialize, and instead, you end up spending money with your PayPal account. If you have PayPal account, you are perfect candidate for glitch no. #10.

# 12 – The Piratebay : All your torrent search landed here. The glitch is, you never know which torrent had embedded Viruses and Trojans. And, if you think you are fine with Viruses and Trojans, then the glitches are for other parts – music companies, artists, application developers etc.

# 13 – Here comes glitch by you. So, comment on!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

How Microsoft build IE 8?

As IE8 beta is all set to come out any time soon in August 2008, it is interesting to know how it is being build – or the programmers plan to build IE8. An outline can be guessed from CHAT transcript with expert team of IE8 programmers.


You can read informative as well as interesting full transcript HERE.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

How to copy and open multimedia / youtube swf video files from Opera cache?

opera cache folder

Opera browser is notorious in making everything cryptic inside its cache. When it stores internet history in its cache, it renames everything to its liking and you are left behind to guess which file belongs to what.

Still, you can use multimedia files renamed by Opera in such cryptic manner. For example, Multimedia / Youtube video files were normally big in size, and you can easily judge them by their size in cache directory. Oprea cache directory normally located at \Program Files\Opera\profile\cache4\. Under this directory you may find hundreds of files with cryptic names generally started with ‘opr’ prefix. Sort them by size and hunt for the file with a particular time stamp – i.e. the time when you were surfing or streaming a particular audia/video. Copy that file to another folder and rename it with extension swf (if Youtub video) or jpg or mp3 as the case may be. Open the file in appropriate program. If you use Mplayer, then you may directly open files of any media you have copied.

Scan (and clean) your Windows XP/Vista computer for viruses through a Live Linux CD

FSecure virus scanner Live Linux Rescue_CD3

You can do a lot of things through Live Linux CD – including playing Lara Craft game – oh, sorry, you are right – the game had some other silly, non sexy name.

You also can Scan and wipe out viruses off your Windows Machine (both from Fat32 as well as NTFS) through Linux Live CD equipped with F-Secure antivirus.

Download the zip file that contains iso image of the Virus Scanner Live CD from here.

The system scan remain Complete and thorough and hence you may experience it as a bit slower. But Virus cleaning is guaranteed with latest virus database from F-Secure (Need your computer be connected to internet.)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Content removed due to legal issues

This page's content is removed due to legal issues. Thanks.

Manage your Zune through iTunes in a lot better way!


If you want to add your previously collected MP3 files that necessarily may not have MP3 tags such as Album/Artist name, then Zune is notorious enough to not let you set album/artist name, and when you copy these files to your Zune, it keeps all of them in Unknown Artists category. In case you have hundreds of MP3 files then managing them will be next to impossible.


You can use MP3 tag editors to define album/artist name to avoid this. A better way is to use iTunes. In iTunes, select as many MP3 files you want to give album name, and right click on the selection. Click on Get Info.


A window named Multiple Item Information will appear where you can fill down Album name/Artist name / Genre and click OK to save. Then copy these MP3 files to your Zune in usual way. Now you will have album names/genre/artist in your Zune – easy to manage songs now!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

world’s most stickered laptop (notebook pc)

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the world’s most stickered (laptop having pasted with highest number of stickers!) laptop:

g karunakar with world's most stickered laptop

Can you guess the proud owner of this antique – eh Unique piece?

And, can you count the stickers? At least you can give it a try!

Sorry, no hint!

Friday, July 04, 2008

How to download and install phonon.dll, phonon4.dll, libphonon.dll – phonon.dll download

Many *nix applications are being now ported to Windows and when you try to run them, they display missing phonon.dll file error messages specially if the program is Multimedia kind.

Here are the files you can download :







Download these files and copy them in application’s directory. For example, if you are using KDE 4 Windows, then place these files in KDE4’s bin directory – where all KDE4 executables are placed.


You can try placing them in Windows system directory too.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to uninstall problematic FireFox 3 extensions

firefox extension uninstall problem

If some Firefox extension or add on started giving you trouble, and the trouble is so serious that Firefox simply fail to start, then what to do? Here is the simple way you can uninstall any Firefox extension:

Go to User’s - $Documents and Settings\a\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ directory (the example is for user a under Windows. In Linux, the folder may be stored in your home directory under hidden directory .mozilla). You will find a cryptic directory such as this - p79bty4k.default. Under this directory, you will find a directory named extensions. Within that directory, all your Firefox extensions that you have installed so far were available. Now choose the offended one among the list – that may be an entry or a sub directory – and delete it. Restart Firefox. The offended firefox extension will vanish forever.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hindi speech to text free program download

There is a nice demo program released for Hindi (can be extended for Indic languages as well) speech to text conversion. Now you simply need to speak in a microphone and record your word directly in Unicode Hindi text. Alternately, you can give oral commands in Hindi to do computing tasks like “Thunderbird Kholo” to open thunderbird.

This Hindi speech recognition program is currently available for Linux as it is based on Sphinx and Perl. Still, a port to windows is possible in near future. The project is currently maintained by Sachin Joshi as a part of Sarai FOSS project.

Download Hindi Automatic Speech Recognition System from here

Sunday, June 22, 2008

FireFox 3 problems arising and too many

Just after creating Guinness word record for most download program in a day, it had been found that FireFox 3 has a critical code execution vulnerability that puts millions of Firefox3.0 users at risk of PC takeover attacks. That may be patched soon, but there were too many problems for users that had shifted from FireFox 2 to 3.

There were reports that FireFox 3 is unable to handle Hotmail correctly. Many Addons and FireFox plugins that are meant to version 2 are not working as well (see a workaround here). I too am getting trouble running things. For example,  TinyMCE is not working properly in FireFox3.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finally, Wine is out after maturing for 15 years

wine 1 stable release

Wine – the program that lets you run Windows Applications in Linux was finally released as Version 1 today. Wine was under rigorous development since last 15 years and had never been released as stable version.


With Wine1.0 stable release, now you can run thousands of Windows Applications directly on Linux that includes – MS Office, PhotoshopCS2, Lotus Notes, Half-Life, Command & Conquer etc.


Chances are, Wine is already available in your installed Linux distribution. All you need is to upgrade it to latest, stable version. Download wine from here.


Still, you may face occasional glitches in running Windows Applications in Linux through Wine. But, then Windows Vista don’t let you run all Windows applications either!


Three cheers for Wine.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Now Phishers have started targeting innocent mobile phone users

After Internet, phishers have started targeting mobile phone users. They simply send a sms or mms message to contact them back either through a mobile number or through email. And when you get trapped in their hand, they extort money in the name of service charge, courier charges, taxes and what not. BEWARE of such messages and never reply them.

Here is an interesting story appeared in Fsecure blog:

There's an ongoing SMS / e-mail fraud underway.

People are receiving text messages to their phones that look something like this:

CONGRATULATIONS! Your mobile number has won 170.000.00 Euro in the ongoing GSM MOBILE PROMO. For claim contact +34-685-346-100 & e-mail

If you send an e-mail to the listed address, this is what you'll get back:

From: Gsm Notification (
Date: 11.06.2008 11:49


Mr. Xxxx Xxxxxxx .
Verification No: CN435-663-6
Winning No: +35840XXXXXX
Country: Finland.

Date: 11th June , 2008.

Congratulations!!! On behalf of UNITED KINGDOM(UK)/SPANISH GSM Staffs we hereby

Congratulates you on your Mobile Phone Serial Number has won you the Sum of

€170,000.00 (One Hundred and Seventy Thousand Euro) on the ongoing UNITED
KINGDOM(UK)/SPANISH GSM MOBILE PROMOTION . A Cheque has been issued under your name ( Xxxxx Xxxxxxx.) and it will be Deliver to your House Address through the Deplomate Parcel Officers.

But you will never get any parcel or any check!

Read The full story here

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Microsoft: If you can't beat Yahoo, pay live search users

Microsoft had started paying its live search user. There was this story about a month back:

Microsoft has a big announcement today, one that should show the world they’re capable of running a search business even without Yahoo: their Live Search CashBack program will enable you to use special savings “coupons” after you buy stuff you’ve found using Live Search. (Read full story here)

Now, the cash-back award had gone one step further. Microsoft Live search cashback award had tied up with e-bay, and now you can redeem your cashback award with any e-bay purchase. Read the full story here

Now, the question is - Just for a few buck - will you use search that throw away irrelevant search result? May be not!

(picture courtesy

Friday, June 13, 2008

How to display certain page elements / gadgets only on Home, Item or Archive pages ib blogger blog

At times you need that certain page element or a piece of gadget should only appear on Home page of your blog, and not on archive or other pages. Similarly, some elements may not be so relevant in your blog's home page but are important for archive / individual post (item page) pages.

Now, the question is - how to do this?

There is an excellent article on Blogbuster that you can refer here to implement this in your Blogger blog.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How to make video screencasts on Linux

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you're teaching someone how to do something on a computer, and recordMyDesktop is a great little Linux application for creating screencasts. YouTube is full of recordMyDesktop screencasts showing all kinds of captures, including Beryl/Compiz in action. I lead a dull life; I'm not into ripping music videos or wobbly 3D bling, but I do like having a tool
like this for good Linux show-and-tells. In this series we're going to learn how to create glorious Linux screencasts with sound and video.

Read the full story Here (part1) & Here (part2)

Download recordMyDesktop from here

Want to be a part of Guinness Word Record? Download Firefox 3 on June 17th

This indeed will be the easiest way to become a part of Guinness Word Record holder party. Just download Firefox3 on 17th June 2008, and you will be counted as part of another history that is going to be created - Most download on a single day!

I hope Firefox had already strengthened their servers to meet the download demand. When Fedora9 was available to download, its download servers were crippled during initial hours.

Read the full story here and here

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How to add multitouch gesture support to Synaptics TouchPad-equipped laptop

If you happen to own a Laptop with Synaptics TouchPad (I have one, that is - Compaq V3225AU), and had installed Linux, then you can convert that touchpad in to a MultiTouchPad. After converting, you can then use that touchpad with gestures and hence can use that in many innovative way.

How to convert Synaptic Touchpad in to a MultitouchPad?

Read the full, step-by-step detailed tutorial here.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to increase your Laptop's battery life, its power and backup time

No matter how you have chosen the most expensive Laptop having world's most long duration battery power backup time, in practical world, it gets exhausted way too early. For example, company claimed that your laptop brand comes with 6 hours battery backup, but in actual use, it hardly runs up to 3 hours.

There are some great tips you can try to increase your Laptop's battery life as well as its backup time. Read the full article here

How to post to twitter from Linux

Desktop client for posting Twitter posts makes your life easy. There are many excellent twitter clients for posting to Twitter on Windows environment. Linux has limited choice such as Twitux and gTwitter but still, you can effectively use these tool that can boost your productivity.

Mark Hinkle had an excellent post on How to use Twitter Clients on Linux.

Read complete story here.

How to install Ubuntu Linux in a USB Key / USB Flash Drive

Installing Linux in a USB Flash drive can be tricky, and no straight procedure. However, here is a great article, giving you step-by-step account to install Ubuntu Linux in a USB Harddrive, with relevant screen shots that makes instructions even more clear.

Read the full article here

Monday, June 09, 2008

Got bored reading same and similar news in top blogs?

Top blogs have tendency to lift big news ASAP. But, in the end, readers end up reading same and similar stories multiple times. Here is my take on the Story of Google Fevicon Design Contest :

Googleblog blogged about it Here.

Zdnet wrote about it - Google want your help with their icon

Google operating system featured this as New Google Favicon

Mashable had the same story but with different Heading - Google VP calls for comment on Favicon design

My Digital life directly asked you to Design Favicon for Google

QuickOnlineTips also asked you to Design favicon for Google

Techmeme lifted the plain odd heading of original google blog : One fish, two fish, way too many fish...

And the list goes on...

If you are going bombarding with same and similar news in so many top blogs, the what is the point subscribing all or many of them? But, then, nobody wants to ignore big, interesting news like this. A catch 22 - 22 situation?

World's top #10 Blogger blogs

Which one is top, no. 1 Blogger Blog ?

Every one can have their own reason for their own choice, but BloggerBuster had released a list of World's top 50 Blogger Blog. For Ranking the blogs, combination of Google Pagerank, Technorati Rank,
Bloglines subscribers, Google Backlinks and Alexa rank had been used. Here is the complete rundown list. PLEASE don't offend if you do not find your own or your favorite one.

Friday, June 06, 2008

In next 10 Years, there will be no news papers : Steve Ballmer

There will be no media consumption left in 10 years that is not delivered over an IP network. There will be no newspapers, no magazines that are delivered in paper form. Everything gets delivered in an electronic form. - Steve Ballmer [Read More]

Incidently, here in India, Media barons are engaged in never before war of launching new editions. DNA is launching its Jaipur edition today and Banglore edition is in pipeline, Patrika had launched its Bhopal editions... and so on.

It will be interesting to see their death warrant 10 years from now on.

How to play Gmail snakey within Gmail?

If you are lucky one and use English interface, you will see Google Lab menu in Google Gmail Settings.

 gmail lab setting for snakey game

Click on it and select Old Snakey Radio button and save settings. Do not forget to enable Keyboard Shortcut in Setting>General menu.

google gmail setting for snake game

Now, simply press & button of your keyboard and play Old, lovely Snakey.

snakkey google gmail game

I tied a few time, but, as you see, I need a little more practice!

How to add Gadgets in your Blogger Blog from within Blogger

Blogger in Draft lets you add unlimited number of Gadgets in your Blogger blog. Simply sign in to your blogger blog account through Blogger in Draft, click on layout and then click on Add Gadget. You will be then given option to install from more than 40000 gadgets (as of now) that you can choose from.

Easy huh? Then, why not gadgetize your Blogger Blog to optimum level - so that it will become most Gadgetized blog in the world!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Yet another English to Hindi Machine translation system : Matra 2

There was this Mantra - the English to Hindi Machine translation system, then comes Google English to Hindi (and vice versa) online machine translation system.

Finally, here comes yet another English to Hindi Machine translation system called Matra2 from CDAC.

Naveen Kumar of CDAC tested Matra2 against that of Google Translate and here comes an interesting comparison:


Here are some of the sentences that Naveen Kumar had tested randomly. (M) stands for Matra translations and (G) stands for Google translations

AIDS is a disease
ए.आइ.डी.एस एक बीमारी है। (M)
एड्स की बीमारी है (G)

Rama ruled Ayodhya for many years
राम ने बहुत साल के लिये अयोध्या रल किया। (M)
राम अयोध्या के लिए कई वर्षों तक शासन किया (G)

Rama killed Ravana
राम ने रावण को मारा। (M)
राम रावण मारे गए (G)

This is a dead language
यह एक मृत भाषा है। (M)
यह एक मृत भाषा (G)

English is national language of England
अंग्रेजी एन्ग्लन्ड काई राष्ट्रीय भाषा है। (M)
राष्ट्रीय भाषा अंग्रेजी है इंग्लैंड (G)

President bush is dumb
राष्ट्रपती झाड़ी गूज़्गा है। (M)
राष्ट्रपति बुश है मूक (G)

I like translating documents
मैं दस्तावेज़ों का अनुवाद करती हैं। (M)
मैं जैसे दस्तावेज़ों का अनुवाद (G)

I like document translation
मैं दस्तावेज़ अनुवाद पसन्द करती हूँ। (M)
मैं जैसे दस्तावेज़ अनुवाद (G)

India is a country of thinkers
भारत चिन्तक का एक देश हैं। (M)
भारत एक देश के विचारक (G)

This course provides you a comprehensive overview of what is open source, how to start using it, how to be part of the open source community and how to contribute to the community. At the end it introduces you various bussiness models and licences that exist today in the open source world.

यह पाठ्यक्रम प्रदान कर आप एक विस्तृत सिंहावलोकन का वट हो खोल स्रोत , कैसा शुरू हो जा इस्तेमाल कर वह , कैसा हो भाग का खोल स्रोत समाज और कैसा सहयोग दे समाज एन्ड पर, वह आप भिन्न कामकाज नमूने और लिसेन्सिज़ वह खुला स्रोत विश्व में आज मौजूद हैं पेश करते हैं। (M)

यह पाठ्यक्रम प्रदान करता है आप एक व्यापक परिदृश्य का खुला स्रोत क्या है , कि किस प्रकार इसका प्रयोग शुरू करने के लिए , कैसे हो समुदाय का हिस्सा खुला स्रोत और कैसे योगदान करने के लिए समुदाय के हैं . अंत में यह परिचय आप व्यापार के विभिन्न मॉडल और लाइसेंस मौजूद है कि आज दुनिया में खुला स्रोत है . (G)

Malaria killed most people in Africa
मैलारीअ ने अफ्रिक में मोस्ट लोगों को मारा। (M)
मलेरिया अफ्रीका में अधिकांश लोग मारे गए (G)

Insects are most dangerous animals on this planet
कीड़े यह प्लैनिट पर मोस्ट खतरनाक पशु हैं। (M)
सबसे खतरनाक जानवर हैं कीड़ों पर इस ग्रह (G)


Interesting? perhaps. All said, as database increases, translation quality is bound to refine. And in near future, Machine translation will be near perfect.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

By Goosh ! it is equally great for localized search too!

Everybody is excited about new, browser based, command line search tool Goosh. The very concept and easy of web app had steal the hearts of one and sundry.

Another best part of the Goosh is – it is equally compatible and efficient while searching in Localized languages. It means, Goosh is fully Unicode enabled.

Here is my take on Goosh with Hindi language:

I gave the command –> blogs मुंहफट

And the result is :

goosh blog search

Pretty good and admirable, neat and clean and well, EXACT – what I had wanted in first place.

Then I tried to Translate I Love You in Hindi. For this, I gave following command in Goosh:> translate en hi I love you

And the result is –

goosh english- hindi translation

Again, perfect. Though the translations of long sentences got meaningless - but then it is no fault of Goosh but that is of Google translator tool itself.

Long live Goosh. I want many more command to be included it it soon. For example – this one:

>email Hello how are you

Will send my message Hello how are you to And what about this –

>twitter ***** Right now I am writing a review on Goosh

Will publish Twitter post Right now I am writing a review on Goosh to my twitter account.

Well, the options and wish list are endless….

How to delete Windows Vista Folder ?

Deleting Windows vista folder is next to impossible. You cannot delete it even in multiboot environment - while booting from other partition having other versions of Windows OS. Windows Vista folder contains whopping 8GB space and at times it becomes essential to claim this unused space. To reclaim this space, you need to reformate the partition and eventually face risks of data loss. In some cases, you need pricy third party tool. Here is free easy workaround for you.

Download and burn Knoppix 5.1.1 (or later) Linux live cd from here and boot your machine using this live CD.

Knoppix 5.1.1 Live CD will automatically detect and place icons for your computer’s all available harddisk partitions on Knoppix desktop. Right click and select read write mode to mount the partition which contains Windows Vista files that you want to delete. The partition will be mounted in read write mode.

Now double click over this partition’s icon to open it with Konqueror. Go to Windows Folder, right click on it and select delete. Some time it will ask for root privilege – in that case, open terminal and with sudo Konqueror command, run Konqueror in root user mode and then delete the Windows folder.

Monday, June 02, 2008 : Decorated sans Unicode support

adobe buzzword unicode not supported

The all new online office suit - is all set to alter user experience of any given web application. This online office suit has most beautifully decorated web interface, its Flash based design is real fast and cool animated menus were cool to your eyes too. You can export, import and share your document as any other web office application.

But it has many glitches too. For example, it has Flash based login form instead of plain HTML that may hinder simple copy paste login.

The biggest letdown factor is lack of Unicode support. When you try to enter Unicode character in Buzzword documents, all you will see were dots. However, while copy pasting the same to local notepad, Unicode characters magically reappears. It indicates that may be there were some problem in displaying and rendering Unicode characters.

Still, offers many new, funky features that users will love and adore.

Google’s top 10 flop

new google favicon 

Google is #1 web company delivering many superb web apps – most of them free for most users. It doesn’t mean Google had not delivered Flops.


PC word had complied list of top 10 Google flop

1 Google X

2 Google Catalogue

3 Google Video Player

4 Google Web Accelerator

5 Google Answer

6 Google Coupons

7 Google Video Search

8 Google Voice Search

9 Google Viewer

10 Google Checkout


Read more here


I had tried Google Web Accelerator, and it simply didn’t worked for me. In my Google Flop list, I want to add Google Desktop Search. It simply had not worked for me the way I had wanted. It keeps throwing me duplicate history search results, and indexing and storing gigs of data in my HDD partitions. Carry Beagle is better, so as Windows Desktop search.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

How to recover corrupted NTFS data through Knoppix Linux Live CD / DVD

knoppix Recently one of my PC having Windows XP failed to boot. I tried to reinstall the OS. But Windows XP installer gave the error message that C drive having NTFS partition contains undefined File system, and it needs to be formatted. The partition in question contained valuable data, and an alternate way was needed.


I tried to boot with Knoppix 5.1.1 Live CD. It was a breezy success. It showed all the partitions of hard disks on my desktop. When I tried to mount the corrupted partition (C drive in Windows), it asked me to Force mount it since the partition in question had some problem. I said yes, and voila! It worked.


I changed the attribute of other mounted harddisks NTFS partition to read-write mode (right click on partition in question and select read write attribute) and copied all my data to other, safe partition. Knoppix 5.1.1 had built in NTFS partition READ-WRITE capabilities. You can also use USB Key or Burn a CD / DVD to backup data.


After backing up my data, I reformatted the C drive and finally I was able to clean reinstall WindowsXP again.


You can download latest Knoppix Live CD / DVD image for free from HERE

How may ways you can use your notebook PC?

Especially if it is ultra thin MacBook Air.


There were reports, that increasingly, people were using it to cut cake, bread and what not. Here, founder of Voodoo PC and CTO of HP's global gaming business - Rahul Sood is cutting his birthday cake by MacBook Air. Expensive, Nice replacement for knife, huh?


I have a Compaq V3225 AU notebook. It gets so hot at its bottom that you can virtually fry PAPADs, and, in dire need, you can prepare a cup of hot steaming coffee. Am I joking? NO. You have to use it to believe it!

Now, this is the REPLY - The Pirate Bay way!

Recently I was wandering in web and found this very funny reply from TPB - The Pirate Bay. Often, given the opportunity, instead of your very polite reply, you too may have been considering giving these types of reply since long. Well, read on the reply of the letter from Warner Brothers:

From: anakata To: "Dorothy Sherman | GrayZone, Inc." Date: Thu, 09 Jun
2005 13:57:17 +0200

On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 15:35 -0400, Dorothy Sherman | GrayZone, Inc.
wrote: > First Notice of Infringement and Declaration

"First Notice of Infringement"? Is that kind of like when I don't pay my
bills on time? "First notice", "Second notice", "Third notice", "WE KILL
YOU!", then a package with the sawed-off head of a pig?

> TO: THEPIRATEBAY.ORG > Fredrik Neij > PRQ > Box 1206 > Stockholm 11479
> SE > Phone: 46.707323819 > Fax: 46.707323819 > >

We already know our own postal address - you don't have to inform us of

> TO: TFR.ORG > Tenhults Forenade Rollspelare > Davidbagares gata 12 >
Stockholm 11138 > SE > Phone: 1.467047954 > tiamo@TFR.ORG > > >

IMMEDIATELY STOP SCREAMING. You may also consider not using red,
underlined HTML.

REMOVED: > > > (see

Sorry, but I can't remove search.php - our users would get upset if TPB
suddenly lacked a search function. The problem here seems to be that the
material is unreleased? If that is the case, you can easily fix the
problem by releasing it. We'll be more than glad to help you distribute
it - free of charge! - to our users.

> WARNER BROS. RECORDS, INC. > > I, the undersigned, do solemnly and
sincerely declare and CERTIFY > UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that: > > 1. I
am the owner or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner > of
certain intellectual property rights, said owner being named WARNER >
BROS. RECORDS, INC. ("IP Owner"). > > 2. I have a good faith belief that
the materials identified in the > addendum attached hereto are not
authorized by the above IP Owner, its > agent, or the law and therefore
infringe the IP Ownerÿs rights > according to the laws of the (check
all that apply): > > United States > Australia > Canada > EUR > France >
Germany > Italy > Japan > Mexico > Netherlands > Russia > Sweden >
United Kingdom > All of the above X > > Please act expeditiously to
remove or disable access to the material > or items claimed to be

The material hosted on The Pirate Bay is (check all that apply): Your
copyrighted work German scheisse-porn Torrent files X

> 3. I may be contacted at: > > Printed Name: Dorothy Sherman > Title:
Consultant > Company: Warner Bros. Records, Inc. > Address: 3300 Warner
Blvd. > Burbank, CA 91505 > Attn: Susan Genco, Esq. > > Email
(correspondence): > Telephone: 212 946-1718 > > > You
should understand that this letter constitutes notice to you that > the
sale and/or other distribution of this product is unauthorized. > This
letter > does not constitute a waiver of any right to recover damages
incurred > by virtue of any such unauthorized activities, and such
rights as well > as > claims for other relief are expressly retained.

You should understand that your email and all further communication with
us will be published at , and that we
will charge you for the web publishing and hosting services. Should I
send the invoice to your address above?

> Finally, notwithstanding our use of the required notice form, we >
believe that 's activities and services fall >
outside the scope of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"). >
Our use of this form, as required by law, is meant to facilitate > 's removal of the infringing product listed >
above and is not meant to suggest or imply that > 's activities and services are within the >
scope of the DMCA.

We are well aware of the fact that The Pirate Bay falls outside the
scope of the DMCA - after all, the DMCA is a US-specific legislation,
and TPB is hosted in the land of vikings, reindeers, Aurora Borealis and
cute blonde girls.

> I make this declaration conscientiously, believing it to be true and >
correct, and in accordance with the laws of each of the countries >
listed > above. I am aware and agree that the contents of this statement
may > be relied upon against me in any court or arbitration proceeding.

So it's OK with you if we bring legal action against you for a) claiming
that we host any infringing files, which we don't, b) claiming that DMCA
has any relation what so ever to the activites of the site, and c)
making my eyes bleed by writing in UPPERCASE, underlined, and red text?

> Fictionally, > > Dorothy Sherman > Digital Signature: Verisign

I fixed the typo for you.


You can read many more such REAL reply HERE - and they are absolutely entertaining!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally, Windows XP / Vista goes true Multilingual

Finally, Windows XP / Vista goes true Multilingual, the way I had always wanted.

Thanks to KDE4 port to Windows, NOW you can run your applications and programs (you can choose among 100s such from KDE4) within Window in true Multilingual style. Here is how:

Download the Latest KDE4Windows installer from here. And run it.

Select applications, program packages and LANGUAGES you want to use among many supported languages at KDE4Windows installer options.

Once the KDE4Windows installed, start KDE4 applications and click on Help. You will see “Switch Application Language” dropdown menu. Select the language you want, and click OK. Restart the application. Your application will be up and running in new language environment. You can start as many applications in as many languages as you want (only one instances of one application) and there is virtually no limitations!

(click on image to see larger picture)

The above screenshot shows running some popular KDE Games apps in Hindi, Nepali, Tamil and Panjabi languages simultaneously within Windows XP.

For detailed instructions to how to install KDE4 in Windows, refer this and this articles.

Update : New kde4windows installer can add Windows Program Menu entries, from where you can run kde 4 applications. See screenshot below. As you can see, menu appears in Localized languages (here,Hindi) too:

(click on image to see larger image)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hindi Spell Checker Plugin for Firefox

Here is the first ever release of Hindi Spell checker plugin / addon for Firefox. It works well in FF version through 1.5 to 3.x.

Download and install Hindi Spell checker Addon for firefox from here.


To use, type in Hindi in any input box within Firefox and right click anywhere in Input box and then select Hindi Spell Check. Misspelled words will be underlined with red marks. Right click on them and select the suggested, appropriate word. You can add new Hindi word by selecting Add this Word.

Here is some example -


Check spelling on Google Indic Transliteration :

firefox spell check add on v3


Check spelling in Blogger post editor :

 firefox spell check add on v3 a

Misspelled Word suggestion:

firefox spell check add on v3 b

For detailed instructions to how to use Hindi Spell Checker Firefox plugin, pl see this page (Hindi)

Thanks to G. Karunakar for providing Hindi-Words (Approx. 1 Lakh, some needs proof-reading though.)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do you double check the web addresses?

To avoid phishing, double check the web addresses. Especially, those where you need to input information about yourself.

The above picture is a screenshot of a fake phishing website, fully loaded to cheat you. But it looks more authentic than Google.

So, double check the address. And if you feel suspected, try PhishTank to verify.


Photo courtesy F-secure

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to split Unicode text files?

There are hundreds of File splitter and merger utility available for you to choose and use.

But only a few support Unicode. If you try to split Unicode text files through non unicode supported tool, your data may lost and all you end up collecting Garbage.

Here is a nice utility called JR Split Files that you can use to split / merge Unicode text files. The tool is tiny one, merely of 170 KB. Simply download from here, unzip it and start using. No installation required, and the interface is pretty straight forward.

You can ALSO define in how many parts (byte size) you want your files.

How to install Windows live writer in Windows XP?

Windows live writer is one of the best blog publishing tool as of now. But it had one of the worst installation tool (for XP at least) and you get many errors during installation. Here is your workaround :

(1) If you have earlier version of windows, then pl install SP2, or at least download and install latest .net framework from here. Current one is version 3.5

(2) Download and Install latest Windows installer. The latest one at the time of writing this article can be had from here

(3) Download and Install IE 7 from here

(4) Finally, Download and install Windows Live installer from here.

The download links were direct one and were working fine at the time of writing this article.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Adsense goes truly contextual.

Since last week, Adsense program had gone truly contextual. That is, it had stopped displaying adsense advertisement on pages which are in Adsense-non-supported languages. Though it is continuing displaying Referral Ads. Many users have confirmed this. And, if you view these non English language pages translated in English through Google translate tool, advertisement dynamically reappears. Earlier, once you signed up with any supported language such as English language as Language option, it lets continue to display advertisement in English to non supported languages pages such as in Hindi Blogs.

Now, unsupported language users such as Hindi walah have no option but to wait till Adsense program start supporting their language or hunt for other option to monetize their web pages. But then there were very limited choice in the offing. Anyway, Adsense program for non supported language such as implementation on Hindi (it was always taken as experimental) was not delivering things up to the mark and except a very few, most users were waiting for their first cheque from Google. Even, that dream had vanished for now.

Let us hope, Google adsense program will soon start supporting all the languages on the web.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How to reduce / lower temperature of AMD processor?

Your AMD laptop is too hot to handle? It is so hot that you can virtually fry a PAPAD with it or prepare a cup of hot coffee over it?

Your AMD PC are getting freezing now and then due to excessive heat?

Come summer season and you face problem like this – especially in Indian sub-continent.

You can cool down your PC / Laptop a little bit with a little utility though.

AMD had since been released a utility called cool-and-calm utility that works with certain AMD processors and certain OS. If you use Windows, try your luck with this download:

There is another one for Linux too. Search for your version of linux.

Simply unzip and install the above utility. It takes your processor in on-demand mode by reducing its clock speed and hence keep the temperature less by about 5-10 degree Celsius otherwise.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to run KDE 4 applications in Windows XP / Windows Vista directly off CD/DVD ROM?

Run KDE 4 Desktop applications in Windows XP / Windows Vista directly off CD/DVD ROM.

Here is how:

Install kde4 for Windows in your computer as described here.

Copy entire install directory of KDE 4 and burn it on a DVD (you can use CD ROM too, if you have installed few apps. A full KDE install takes about 2.5 GB).

Now put DVD on any Windows XP / Windows Vista computer and run KDE applications directly by executing .exe files from DVD’s Kde 4 bin sub-directory under installation directory.

For example, you can double click kate.exe under bin sub-directory on CD/DVD Rom to run it.

You can copy the entire KDE 4 install directory to another Windows XP / Vista computer’s hard disk and can run kde applications without the need of cumbersome installations.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to run KDE applications in Windows ?

Run KDE in Windows

Ktuberling and many other KDE application running on Windows:

(Click on the picture to see enlarged picture)

KDE – the desktop environment for GNU-Linux is true cross platform set of application tools that you can install and use in nearly all top class Operating System environment – that includes Windows OS.

Here is no nonsense, straightforward ‘how to guide’ for you to install KDE 4, the latest version of KDE in Windows XP (may work in other Windows versions as well):

Step 1 : Go to this link :

and download the latest KDE 4 for Windows GUI installer, and run it. You need to remain connected to Internet since this is an online installer.

It will ask where to download and what to download in its initial Installation wizard , which is pretty straight forward. Please remember to use installation directory such as C:\kde4 that is easily accessible to all. And keep other default settings intact if you are unsure about them. When you are done, click Next.

Step 2 : In its next step, Kde 4 Windows installer will ask you to select download server. Select the one which is close to you and has sufficient bandwidth. Then Click Next.

Step 3 : Now you need to select the supported application to download. You can download source code of some of application / packages too. If you are unsure, click on KDE on package category and KDE application with all dependency files will gets displayed and you can then select them individually. When done, click Next.

Step 4 : KDE 4 Windows installer will start downloading packages from the mirror server you had selected, and will take a little time to download them that may depend upon your selection. Wait till your download completes. Meanwhile, feel free to perform other windows task till your downloads completes.

Step 5 : After download, KDE 4 Windows installer installs applications and packages you had selected. If you have used 3rd party tools such as Active perl, then you need to give your input such as agree to their license term by clicking I accept button and clicking on next button.

Step 6 : When installations finishes, KDE Installer tells you that now you can run your KDE application in Windows, else it will give you error message, and you need to act upon that. At times, some files may not be available during setup and you can ignore that file.

Step 7 : Before you run KDE application in Windows, you need to give (presently, to fix certain things) following commands in your command window:

C:\KDE4> bin\update-mime-database C:\KDE4\share\mime


C:\KDE4> bin\kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental

Note that here, c:\kde4 is the directory in which you have installed KDE 4 for Windows, that may be different according to your choice.

Now, you are ready to run your KDE applications in Windows. Go to Bin sub directory under KDE installation directory, and double click on the exe file of KDE program – for example, Ktuberling.exe if you want to run Ktuberling game. And voila this glossy KDE 4 game pops alive in Windows.

KDE’s Khangman with its glossy semitransparent effect running on Windows XP:

(Click on the picture to see enlarged picture)

You can find latest, further information, support and guide here:

Kde 4 windows how to


Monday, March 03, 2008

Anatomy of a phishing site

Here is the anatomy of a phishing site. Discussed in great detail. brought to you by F-secure blog. You will wonder that hundreds of bogus websites containing Paypal and Citibank as words in their bogus URL had been used to fool innocent Internet users. A MUST read.

Read the complete story here:

Anatomy of a phishing site

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Now give commands in Windows in complex Asian languages like Hindi, Tamil... etc.

These kinds of features were available in *nix platform (probably in Mac too) since long. Now you can use Indian Languages (Asian complex script fonts) such as Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi to give commands in your very own Windows. You can use vernacular language commands to not only open applications, but to write complex script too. With the use of Windows PowerShell's advanced features like pipes, you can write powerful scripts for your everyday computing need.

You can use these (say in Hindi) commands through Alias only. It means that there were no internal commands in other languages. For example you can set alias for notepad.exe as (set your browser View setting view>encoding>Unicode UTF-8 to view command in Hindi) नोटपैड with the help of Windows PowerShell set-alias utility like this:  –

Set-Alias नोटपैड "c:\windows\notepad.exe"

Now you can start notepad by giving  नोटपैड command in PowerShell command terminal window .

Similarly, if you give command नोटपैड मेरी फ़ाइल then Notepad will start, if मेरी फ़ाइल.txt is available, it will open it for you, else will ask you to create one for you..

You can create Alias for all your applications. For example, you can set दस्तावेज़ as alias for your MS Word program like this –

Set-Alias दस्तावेज़ "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Hindi Office\Office12\winword.exe"

Now you do not need to click open MS Word in Windows Start Menu. Simply give command  दस्तावेज़ in PowerShell command input terminal and MS Word will fire instantly..

As you can see, दस्तावेज  is not displaying correctly here. In Linux systems too, except in some graphical shell, Complex Script like Hindi are not displaying correctly in Shells.  But this does not debar you to use these languages for giving everyday computing commands.

There were detailed user manual and getting started guide for using Windows PowerShell that can be used to write complex script in one's own language. Windows PowerShell is currently available in Early Alfa, and is released free to download and use.

 Download Windows PowerShell from here 

 Download Documents and Manual for Windows PowerShell from here

Sunday, January 06, 2008

How to connect to Reliance Internet in Linux using RIM LG / Nokia / Samsung CDMA mobile phone and USB data card/stick ?

Here is a no nonsense quick guide for you to connect to Reliance Internet in Linux using LG / Nokia / Samsung CDMA mobile phone and USB data card/stick ?



Open terminal and give command –

# dmesg | grep ttyACM

If you get some output, fine. You can go ahead. (Else your Kernel is not ready. It means it require additional steps to enable USB module upgrade/recompile your Linux Kernel)


Give this second command in terminal as Super user.

# ln –s /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/mobile

Please note that 0 in ACM0 is ZERO (Number) and not O (character).


Give third command as super user :

# chmod a+rw /dev/mobile


Open gedit as super user, copy paste following code and save it as mobiles.rules file in /etc/udev/rules.d folder :

Content: BUS=="usb" SYSFS{product}=="Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM*" KERNEL=="ttyACM*" SYMLINK=="mobile" MODE=="666"

Now Start KPPP. You need to configure it. Click on Configure button to create a new account. Phone number will be #777 and User Name and Password both will be your mobile phone number. Further, you need to specify modem. For this, in KPPP Configuration window, Click on Modem tab, and click on New and then select /dev/ttyACM0 from dropdown list as your modem and click OK.

Now you are ready to connect to Internet through KPPP with this newly created connection.


Related : How to connect in Reliance Internet in Windows Vista with LG mobile phone?

(Courtesy - An article by Prabind Kr Singh in Linux For You, January 2008, regarding connecting TATA indicom USB stic. Method will be similar, only User name and Password will be different - use internet as username and password.)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

List of top 100 blogs of year 2007.

Here is the list of top blogs of 2007. Top 125 elite blogs precisely. had published the list of top 125 blogs of the year 2007. Many of them are my favorite too, and am reading for quite some time regularly – such as Gizmodo, Mashable etc.

I was a bit surprised though. I could not find Digital Inspiration in the list. It may have appeared in Technology Section. What do you say?

See the complete list here

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