Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Buzzworld: Not the Real Web-Based Word Processor...


The First Real Web-Based Word Processor


Adobe's flash based online word processor - Buzzworld claims to be The First Real Web-Based Word Processor, but it failed in many count. Firstly, it is not UNICODE compliant. At least, it had not displayed Unicode Hindi content, and you cannot input Hindi Unicode matter in to it. Any Real Web app must be Unicode compliant these days.


Further, it is very slow in loading and response - even with my broadband connection. Other Online wordprocessor, once loaded work well unless they are downloading/uploading something.


IMHO, Buzzworld is not the Real, let alone the First!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

How to charge an iPod with an Onion? or, say with Cow Dung?

There is a video out there in Youtube claiming to charge an iPod through an Onion.  The video had been viewed 3,868,695 times and counting, and it had attracted 22375 comments so far! See the video yourself:


Not a great Idea?

Yeh, it seems. Some people in India are actually using COW DUNG not only to charge and power up their mobile devices, but to illuminate their surroundings during night hours! You can read about this in BBC Hindi article here.

 power through cow dung

Powering UP with Cow Dung.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

How to install Tally 9 in Linux?

There is an interesting article appeared in Linux For You Nov. 2007.


Now you can install and run Windows version of Tally 9 - the most popular Accounting software in Linux.


Here are some simple steps-


Install latest version of WINE , if it is not installed already.


Copy Tally 9  installer to your hard-disk, and install it through WINE.


You will find Tally 9 Menu in Wine program menu after successful installation. Though I myself had not tested it, but the article said that it runs perfectly - including printing and saving.


For more detailed instructions, refer Linux For You November 2007.

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