Monday, March 23, 2009

Here comes Playboy to sell Silverlight!


Now you can read past issues of Playboy (55 selected issues spanning from 1955 to 2007) magazine all for free. But you need to download and install Silverlight (a free Microsoft product aming to give real blow to Adobe Flash) to view them.

 read-playboy-for-free-not in flash but in silverligh

Now that war is initiated, won’t Flash offer us free issues of Hustler?


Who knows. Only time will tell.

Friday, March 13, 2009

How to make your PC Hindi (say, Indic) friendly


In Windows XP (not the case with Windows Vista or Windows 7 though), Hindi (read Indic) pages and applications having Hindi GUI looks ugly. Here is how to set your pc for good looking Hindi.

chhattisgarhi on windows dolphin

(Default Hindi display)


hindi mitra blogvani

(Display after applying Hindi friendly settings)

(1) Right click on an empty space on your Desktop, and select Properties. A child window named Display Properties will open. Click on Appearence Tab and select Font SizeLarge Font, and click on Apply.


(2) On Display Properties window, click on Effects button. Select Clear type on ‘Use the following method to smooth edge of screen font’dropdown option on the window that appears. Click OK. 

appearence - advanced

(3) On Display Properties Window, click on Advanced button. Click on Active Window on the Advanced Appearece Window that appears. Select Mangal (or any other Unicode Indic font if you wish so) on the Font dropdown list for each item. Select Size 12-14 (you can experiment a bit) as anything less will display Indic font too small. Click OK, then click Apply and finally, click on OK to apply new settings.

advanced - active window

Voila. Your PC is now Hindi friendly. Isn’t it ?

Friday, March 06, 2009

How to fix Thunderbird startup problem?

Recently My Thunderbird stuck somewhere, and refused to start saying – Thunderbird already running. Close the process to restart or reboot your computer. I rebooted, tried to fix with reinstallation but failed. A quick search at Internet advised  to remove .lock or parent.lock file under %APPDATA% directory. But I did not find one in my computer. Now what to do?


I simply removed profile.ini file under %APPDATA%Thunderbird directory, and restarted thunderbird. Voila, it fixed the problem.

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