Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to open .shs files?

.shs files are scrap object files, generally created by MS Office (word, excel etc.)


If you are using Windows XP and MS Office 2003, simply drag and drop that file to MS Word / MS Excel application window.


If you are usnig Windows 7 and MS Office 2007 or later, then change the extension of .shs file to .docx and open it with MS Word. It will give you an error message and then will ask you to extract content. Click yes, and you are done.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

how to make unique word list from a large text file

It is simple.

Use following command :

cat large_file.txt | tr " " "\n" | sort | uniq > list_file.txt

to extract and sort text file to unique word list :

grep -o -E 'w+' | sort -u -f test1 > test2

test1 is large text file (existing)
test2 is unique word list file (in dictionary format, one word per line) created (existing if any will be overwritten)

Finally, more than one file -

grep -o -E 'w+' | sort -u -f * > sorted_single_file

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

how to add Hindi language support in slax linux - an easy guide

Simply go to this url -


here, you will find KDE Hindi package module. Simply add / install in your slax linux, and you are done!

how to connect to wireless internet in slax linux - easy guide

I found this method work flawlessly for me:

If SLAX 6.11 successfully detected your wireless card, but you are strugggling with Kwifimanager to connect to your WEP protected wireless router, here is the steps:

1). Start Kwifimanager, click on the "Scan for Networks..." button;

2). If your WEP protected wireless router is found, click on the row which shows your wireless network name, you will find that the "Switch to Network..." button is greyed out (disabled), because you have not typed your WEP key yet;

3). Double click the cell in the WEP column of the same row, remove the "on", key in your WEP key in the cell completely, after you hit "Enter" key, the "Switch to Network..." button will be enabled, click on it to connect to your wireless network. If you type all the key right, it should connect;

4). But the internet does not work yet, we need to get a IP from the router. Open a shell, type "dhcpcd wlan0" (wlan0 is my wireless interface), voila, in my case, the router assigned an IP to my notebook, you can tell from the "status of active connection" window in the Kwifimanager.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to fix wi-fi wireless lan card disabled by windows mobility center?

How to fix wi-fi wireless lan card disabled by windows mobility center?

After much search and research, I found this handy and easy solution.

1.      Make sure you have logged in an Administrator Account.
2.      Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Network adapters and then click on plus (+) sign to expand the list of available adapters.
3.      Right click on Wireless Lan Card and then click on Properties.
4.      In Advanced tab, you will see some entries like – IEEE802.11h, Power Saving mode, Radio On/Off, SmartScan etc. Click on each and then on Value – select Enable and constantly awake.
5.      On Power management Tab, deselect – Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power.
6.      Click OK

You are done. Hopefully, your problem will vanish for forever.

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