Monday, July 31, 2006

Nerd-ist interview...

An interview with Nerd*

Excerpts from an interview with Nerd in best of his mood:

Q: What is pure delight?

A: De bugging.

Q: What are your dreams?

A: A day when you are relieved of everything including your body’s input output requirements… then you can do nothing but programming.

Q: What do you do when you do not write programs?

A: Try to do things that lead me back to programming at the earliest possible instance.

Q: If there are no computers in the world?

A: I do not answer hypothetical questions.

Q: At which age you started programming?

A: I wish I had started programming earlier.

Q: Describe your perfect day?

A: Eat programming, Sleep programming and Drink… oh yes!, programming.

Q: What is the secret of good programmer?

A: Programming from the heart and always!

Q: Do you fall in love with some one?

A: Yes, and I also love my computer.

Q: What would you have been if not in computers?

A: Oh! That question always haunts me. I rather opt not to answer this.

Q: What is the philosophy of your life?

A: I believe in programming… and always.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: Write programs.

Q: Who is your inspiration?

A: Bugs. They inspire to program more and… seriously.

Q: Define programming?

A: Programming is innermost form of expression through syntax, Boolean, loop, pointer and all that.

Q: What distinguishes your work?

A: I like to write absolutely bug free lines. I write real programs for real people.

Q: Which will you prefer- Intelligent or Rich?

A: None. I prefer computers. If you still insist, than certainly the Rich then I can get more powerful latest computers.

Q: What is your perception of love?

A: Love is state of mind when everything good or bad seems just wonderful. For example, you just love the bug that appears in your first few lines of code. I think everybody should fall in love with computers as often as they can.

Q: Your comments about i.t. magazine?

A: Wonderful. It also works as pillow whenever I am forced to have a nap.

* Here, Nerd= A self proclaimed computer guru.

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