Sunday, July 23, 2006

Satire : Big office of big profit!

Laabh ka Pad

Govt. is back to its business. It is all set to ‘pass’ the office of profit bill ‘un-altered’ again in the Parliament, which, President had returned earlier for re-consideration.

Now, the question is - are you holding an office of profit? Anyway, you will never admit in any case. No one ever will. Only the oppositions will see that you were holding many offices that were since been reaping many profits for you and your party. If you are holding an office of profit - as per the constitution – even then, who cares? Who goes by rule books these days? Besides, we can always modify and create new rules for ourselves - effective from back date - with retrospective effect – that will declare that you are not holding any office of profit as per the provisions of constitution. When you were always able to create such rules at a will then why worry?

Office of real profit?

In fact, persons holding Office of Profits were none other than Peons of government offices. They work from early morning to late night – in mornings they work at their Sahib’s home, at day time they work at their office – often carry bulky files – obviously with red ribbons tied - from one clerk’s table to another, supply tea, answer calls of their Sahib and again in the evenings – work at their Sahib’s home. Late night they reach their home only to follow this exact routine next day and every day forever. For all these work, peons get small salaries, and according to rules, they earn profit from their post, therefore, they were holding office of profit.

Against this, other offices – specially president/secretary-ship of a government organization may not be termed as office of profit. How can they be? That office is meant to serve the people of nation. The president/secretary of such organizations may be getting some remuneration, well furnished well equipped and well staffed office cum resident, but how can you say remuneration of a few thousand rupees as profit from such reputable office meant to serve the people?

Similarly, big office of big profit are that of senior peons who need not work at their Sahib’s home and they earn big profit as tips from persons visiting his bada Sahib. Office of big profits are also which were sold at premium, and many bada Sahib get themselves posted there by hook or by crook. For example- post of excise inspector at certain port or police inspector’s post at dance bar area or post of labor inspector at certain industrial area. Well, if you start counting such office of real profit, then this column will fall short of space.

Now you must examine whether you are holding any office of profit or not? If yes, then you must act immediately to remove that ugly definition of office of profit from the post you are holding. You can also act to move forward to go to big office with big profit, but be sure that it does not fall within criteria of office of profit.

If you are already holding one, I wish you all the luck that your office may not remain - by definition - an Office of Profit. My blessings!


Office of profit - Labh ka pad


Mera tujhse rishta hai laabh ki khatir,

Muskuraya hun agarche laabh ki khatir.

Jaaiyeega nahin unke in aansuon par,

Roye bhee hain kabhi to laabh ki khatir.

Woh eak waqt thaa, yeh eak waqt hai,

Ab ki to dunia hain laabh ki khatir.

Kya eaisa nahin lagta ki khuda ney,

Bandon ko banaya hai laabh ki khatir.

Utha liye hain aayudh Ravi ne bhi ab,

Jahir hai apane hi labh ki khatir.


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