Monday, August 21, 2006

Comrade, working on a national holiday is a criminal offence!


If you will work ever, you will be prosecuted!

Every true Indian was in joyous mood on Independence Day - the 15th August. There were celebrations everywhere.

But, this little news remain unnoticed to many.

Comrade- ‘Sarkari Babus' of Kerala ordered to ‘shut shop on Independence day or face criminal prosecution' to many BPOs who are bound to operate 24x7 due to services they offer globally.

There is a wired rule in India, according to which, working on a National Holiday is criminal offence!



After all, India acquired freedom from thousand years of all kinds of foreign rulers on 15 of August, 1947. So why not enjoy the day to its fullest! A true Indian should honor and abide by the rule, and should not work on that day. Any body found working must immediately be prosecuted.

Btw, what did you do this Independence Day? Tell me the truth.

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