Monday, August 07, 2006

Forgot Everything….


GEE..., and I was thinking hundreds of other reasons!

If you find difficulty in remembering things like your beloved one's birthday or your wedding anniversary, stop blaming your genetic disorders. There are more potent, visible cause you can held them responsible.... According to new studies, the actual culprit may be your habit of cleanliness!

Yes, if you shampoo your hair everyday to wash off dandruffs and dirt, your memory may also get washed by shampoo's strong chemicals. The shampoo, which you are using since ages may be good for your hair, but certainly, may not be good for your memory.



Vyanjal (Satirical Ghazal)

Bhool Gaya

Kya bataoon ki kaise bhool gaya

Mai to jaanboozh kar bhool gaya

Zindagi ke masle ulzhe bahoot

Kuch yaad raha kuch bhool gaya

Pyar ki baten hamne bhi kit hi

Bhookh se jaldi hi bhool gaya

Sansad ko kisliye voh kanoon

Kal yaad tha aaj bhool gaya

Ban gaya Ravi bhi rajneetigya

Tabhi voh khud ko bhool gaya


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