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Give more speed to your windows...


Just how much speed is good speed? 1.5 GHZ or 1.7 GHZ? Or, perhaps you are eagerly waiting for the newest, speediest, 2.0 GHZ processor to be launched? As there is a saying, any given speed is never enough, so our search for more speed will never slow down. You upgrade to fastest ever processor and other hardware for your computer just to find that it is not delivering things speedy enough as you had always dreamed. Besides processor’s speed, there are numerous other things that check your computer’s speed. A good part of your computer’s speed depends on the way the system’s settings are done and the way the software run on their default settings, since most programs are set to default for normal (and not speedier) performance. You have to tweak them for their optimal performance. As a user you may simply do not know or do not bother about such things. In result, you are not using your system’s resources fully. If you only know how to tweak these settings, you can avoid your frequent rush to market for frequent upgrades to speedier hardware. Here, the only part that may come across your way may be difficulty in system tweaking, because sometimes, these settings are not documented fully and need a level of expertise. Now no need to loose your heart. All your worries regarding system settings for their optimum performance have been addressed in various software packages meant for improving your computer’s specific performance. By using some nice software programs designed to boost your computer’s speed, you can get much more speed with a very little or no cost since some of them are absolutely free software that cost nothing. These programs work wonders sometimes and boost your computer’s performance in some areas that you may not achieve with a faster processor or hardware. You can find variety of software for your computer’s specific performance boost on almost all platforms, yet you may radically need some for your Windows, since it is getting fatter, memory hungrier and slower in its new avatars. If you want to speed up your Windows overall performances, you may try programs like RAMBooster, CacheMan or MemTurbo. If you are facing slower internet experience, then before looking to your modem’s speed or blaming to your internet service provider for it’s poor bandwidth, try installing Net Sonic, iSpeed, Broadband Wizard or some other similar internet speed booster programs. There is Modem Booster for checking and increasing the effective working speed of your Modem. Similarly, there are other programs that boost up your computer’s performance in specific area. Here are some useful speed booster programs, which you can use to speed up your Windows. Who knows you may find your answer for the right Windows speed?

Speed up memory

It has been proved that installing more memory beyond a certain point may actually slow down your Windows speed. If you have ever been in programming, then you may have encountered memory management problems. Some bad written programs do not free up the memory even after you terminate them long ago, and for that you have no option but to reboot. Windows itself cached some of recent data in its memory in anticipation that it may be required again urgently which you may not need. This process, intended to speed up things may actually slow down your system’s speed at times. In its newer avatars, Windows has learned to manage memory more efficiently, yet some areas are still to be addressed. Some software like MemTurbo and RAM Booster has been designed to tackle these problems. RAM Booster (see Fig.1) is a utility that free up RAM by forcing Windows to remove all the data that is currently not needed from the memory. System freezes can also be avoided since some amount of memory is always available to close down bad behaving applications. Your programs run faster, your WEB surfing experience become faster. The program is easy to install and simple to configure. The only caution is that do not set alarm level too high a value of available RAM to free else this program will run forever and make your system terribly slow. It is advisable to let it work on its default setting unless you are very clear in what you are doing. Another similar application is MemTurbo (see fig.2). MemTurbo is designed to boost performance by de fragmenting your PC’s physical RAM, and thus increasing the available amount of RAM. It also tries to recover memory leaks and flush out unused dll and other libraries that stored in RAM. There is another, powerful program with powerful speed booster settings called Free Mem Pro. It has numerous other settings beyond memory management settings, through which you can fine-tune your Windows. With these types of programs, you can get following additional benefits:

1 You can close down bad behaving application without fear of system crashes and thus you are able to save your data, since a small amount of RAM will always be available for your disposal.

2 You can see how much memory installed, how much is being used and how much is available free.

3 You can also observe CPU activity and Usage.

4 Though these programs are set to run automatically, the best times to trigger these applications are after Windows login/startup and before launching a new application. For example, before launching a memory-intensive game or application, run one of these programs to free up set memory and wait for it to complete. This will ensure the maximum amount of memory possible is available for your new program, reducing time-consuming paging & file swapping.

Some word of caution: do not use more than one similar type of application simultaneously else you are inviting trouble. Do not set too high a memory value to free else these program run constantly to free memory that may not be available, and thus decreases your system’s speed. Further, all these programs are normally designed to run on Windows 9x/ME. Using these programs on Windows NT/2000 may give you unexpected results, and you have to make different settings there to make them work.

Speed up Internet

Internet is where speed really counts and will be counted in some years to come since every other computer is connecting to Internet and there will remain be shortages of bandwidth in foreseeable future. Speed of your Internet connection may depend on several other factors beyond your control, which you may not imagine. Your dedicated, leased line may not provide you the desired connectivity and speed if you do not have proper hardware and software settings. There are several software designed to boost Internet speed for an average user environment. NetSonic is a similar, hugely popular program through which you not only boost your Internet Speed, but also can enhance your Internet Browsing experience. It helps you in fine tuning your system and make your life easier by downloading web pages in background. Similar such programs are- Net Accelerator, Webcelerator, Download Accelerator and Net Lighting etc. Among these, NetSonic is popular due to its rich feature and its tight integration with your browser.

Speed up Modem

One of the real culprits in slow Internet speed may be your modem. If you use a simple dialup modem, then it may require additional tweaking and setting for its optimum performance. Further, by default, the setting of your Modem’s COM port may be at lower side. You can change these settings appropriately for boosting the speed of your Modem. By default, the baud rate (speed, in a way) of all COM port of your Windows machine is set to 9600. This can be increased suitably in case your modem supports higher speed. For this, start Device Manager by clicking System icon in Control Panel. Click Device manager Tab in the Window that appear and go to Ports (COM & LPT). Click on the + sign and go to the Communication Port where your modem is connected. Usually it is COM 2. Click properties button and in the window that appears, click Port Settings. In Bits per second field, select higher values. If you have 56KBPS Modem, you can set this to 115200bps. This does not mean that your modem will connect to this speed. It simply allow higher speed if other things are favorable, such as your bandwidth.

There are third party software program like Modem Booster that extract most out of your Modem. They detect and set most favorable condition for your modem by successively testing the modem at different traffic speed and different line condition. Using this program requires no or little expertise for system tweaking and all the settings are done automatically.

By now, since we have got enough windows speed; so better stop here else we may end up in crash due to our high speed.

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