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Managing websites with ZOPE

Zope: Manage your web site a new way.

Dot com bubble may have burst but it is also a hard fact that Internet traffic is increasing day by day and more and more people are rushing to use Internet’s unlimited potential. Great and good web sites will always be in great demand. The only thing that makes the difference between a good and a failed web site is its presentation and content. If your web site has web content that is useful to users and has been put in user friendly way, web surfers are bound to come back to your site very often else they will find little value even to remember your domain name. You can put user specific data and quality content to lure surfers but if your presentation is poor then it is of no value to any one. For example, a fancy web page designed in Front Page Express may not render well in a user’s Netscape Browser. Further, web sites are being evolved as Web application server, where a user can get variety of services through various Web applications. For managing all these, you may need latest tools and applications. There are numerous applications and tools available with which you can build your Web site and Web applications. You may find open source tool like PHP on one hand and commercial product like ColdFusion on other. In between, there is a free, new tool called Zope, which offer you some similar and some extra features in building your Web site.

What is Zope?

Zope is a free, new tool for building dynamic Web sites. Zope consists of several different components that work together to provide you tools to build web applications. Though, Zope has potential to be extended to any field, presently, it has following main component:

[1] A web server:

Zope comes with built in web server. However, if you find your other server like Apache or Microsoft’s IIS good, and do not want to use Zope’s, then you can set it to work with them. In fact, Zope works with any other server that supports CGI.

[2] A file manager:

Zope has web based file manager type simple interface that dynamically interact with web browsers during building web sites and applications. Thus building web sites become a real easy task.

[3] A Database manager:

One of the most prominent features of Zope is- it is having its own object database management capabilities. But it also seamlessly works with other popular relational database like Oracle, Postgres, Sybase etc.

[4] A language:

Zope has its own language called DTML [Document Template Markup Language] with which nearly all kinds of complex web applications can be created. Further, Zope supports most popular languages like Python and Perl etc.

In addition to these common site management tools, Zope comes with numerous built in other tool such as Search Engine, Security and customized services etc. Zope supports almost all modern Internet standard that include: SQL, ODBC, XML, DOM, FTP, HTTP, Fast CGI, RPC, SOAP etc.

Zope is Easy

You may find some of the following features of Zope that make it extremely easy to use:

· Zope has simple file manager interface.

· Zope does not need complex configuration, and it can be used out of box.

· Zope does not require unfamiliar and proprietary development tool. You can work with Zope with the help of any standard Web browser.

· You can scale it to handle any number of developer as well as user.

· You can extend, customize, and redistribute Zope as it is free.

· Zope comes with a very easy, complete practical tutorial through which you can create your complex, yet beautiful; feature rich web site in no time. And, for this, you only need to know some basic HTML and nothing else. And for web administration, there too is a complete guide that will help you in administering your web site.

· Zope is available for both Linux/Unix and Windows platform. It is available in source that can be customized and as well as pre-compiled binary ready to install in any system.

Zope for your every need

If you look in to some successful web sites, you can feel that they have become a sort of web application server. You can find services and applications from e-mail to chat to instant messengers to online shopping and more. These complex web sites need various tools and different applications to address each and every feature. Further, web security, web based management, search, clustering, and syndication etc. need customized tools to manage them. Zope has all the tools built in to address all these and even more. Thus, in Zope, you need only one set of skill and one set of tool to develop complex web application. Zope supports add on that can be created on the fly and if you don’t have time write one for you, then you can find free add ons that covers practically everything from Credit Card processing to Discussion forums.

Some added advantage

An average web site can be managed by any simple application. But if you want to manage large, complex web site, you may not find more than a couple suitable applications. Zope is one of the premier web management applications that can efficiently handle terra bytes of web content. Zope’s programming pattern has been designed for future web models. In Zope, security features can be extended, scaled and customized to every user level. It can provide futuristic network services like serving remote computer programs and other web content.

Want to have a taste of this futuristic application? Just log on to and download free Zope application that is less than 10MB, installs without any problem either in Windows or in Linux/Unix platform and is extremely easy in use.

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