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What is there Inside Outlook...?

Look Inside Outlook

If you are among Windows user, it is very likely that you may be using Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook as your Email Client. But have you ever tried to look inside these applications to understand its functioning? Have you ever tried to figure out why they are becoming sluggish day by day? Do you know that you can fine tune your Outlook to run fast, configure it to perform better, install add in for more functionality and tweak it to deliver more?

Speed it up

By default, Outlook Express installs number of internet accounts such as Bigfoot directory service and Yahoo people search etc. which you may never use. If you do not need any of these, then remove them immediately. If need arises, you can always add these accounts later. To remove these unwanted accounts, open Outlook Express, Click on Tools menu, and then Click on Accounts on dropdown menu that appears. Then Click on News and Directory Service tab and remove the unwanted accounts which were listed there. Similarly, you can delete mail accounts that you have created but are no longer in use.

Similarly, if you are using Outlook for quite some time, you may notice that it is becoming sluggish day by day. It so happens that piled up read and unread mails makes your Outlook’s mail box clumsy and fatty. Even if you delete your mails, they are not deleted from Outlook’s mail box but are simply marked as deleted. This makes your Outlook real slow, at least in starting. If you are using Outlook Express, Click on Tools, then Click on Options Menu, and then Click on Maintenance Tab. Deselect the Check box “Compact messages in the background” and select the check box “Empty messages from the deleted Items folder on exit”. Now, every time you quit Outlook express, your deleted items will be permanently deleted, and your Outlook Express will remain trim to run faster. For Microsoft Outlook, you have to perform this task manually each time. Here, after deleting you messages, Click on Tools Menu, then on Dropdown menu that appears, click on ‘Empty “Deleted Items” folder’, and you are done. Alternately, you can permanently delete the messages without sending it to delete folder. For this, press shift and delete key simultaneously after selecting the message you want to delete permanently. It will ask for confirmation to permanently delete the selected file, for which, you have to say Yes.

Want to quickly send email from anywhere within windows? Simply press Windows Key and alphabet key “r” simultaneously. The “Run” dialogue box will appear. Type “mailto” without quotes and then type email address of recipient of your email, and press enter key. Now your default email client will appear where you can type subject and message body and click on ‘send’ to send your mail quick enough.

Plug in for added functionality

There are numerous plug in for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express which you can use for added functionality. With these Plug In, you can add many functions right there in Outlook such as- built in virus scanner, file viewer that can preview attachments without opening them, security tools such as PGP and Reflex Mailsafe etc. to encrypt your mail with digital signature having high degree encryption algorithm, and many more.

Outlook Helper

It is a Microsoft Outlook Plug in which is available for free from The program installs as a normal Windows application and adds its customized menu bar on Outlook’s menu bar after installation. This free add in enables you to manage your email easily and quickly. The plug in also helps you to view various attachments (picture files) without opening them, a feature that helps you to protect from viruses disguises as picture files. It can preview your attachment’s picture files as resizable thumbnails. This plug in also provide you a feature, with that, you can send mail without disclosing yourself and other recipients. But beware, sending mail to anyone who do not want your mail without disclosing yourself comes under Spam Mail and is an offence.

Outlook Helper also support for scanning of your incoming mail for Viruses. It can scan for viruses at startup, prompt for any incoming virus it found, and at the same time, it automatically disable Outlook’s preview panel when it detects virus in your mail. It records all its activities in a log file that can be referred later for further diagnosis.

Decorate your Mail with Annotice Mail

Annotice Mail (get it from i.t.CD Vol. 11 issue 2) is also a Microsoft Outlook add in, that provides you some easy tool to format your mail. But you can use this add in for composing your mail in HTML format only, therefore your mail may becomes bulky (It does not work in Plain text format). However, this add in adds some dazzling effects to your mail and worth trying. For example, you can highlight your text string in any colour, Stamp mark your messages or particular line, add customized, dated notes and encircle or underline any text string with Pen tool in any colour. Now your mail becomes colour full, attractive, glamorous, and an important- eye catching presentation!

Reflex Screen Mail

If you install a Virus scanner such as Norton or MacAfee, then you get options to scan for email viruses as and when they downloaded with mail. Either these applications come for big money or they may not work seamlessly with Outlook Express. This application, an Add in for Outlook Express works as Outlook Express’ built in tool for virus scanning. It can auto update itself for latest virus signature files. You can download 30 days evaluation version of screen mail from This add in adds Reflex ScreenMail Tab in Outlook Express Option menu, where you can further change settings for scanning your mail for viruses. It uses advanced version of Reflex Sherlock virus scanner by default, however, you can assign to use different virus scanner if you have installed one.

Reflex MailSafe Client

This Microsoft Outlook add in is distributed free that provides you 512 bit security for your mail. Download it from However if you want 1024 bit security for your mail, then you have to purchase its Pro version. In functionality, it is as good as PGP, the well known security tool, and provides you more tools. With this tool, you can prepare and add your personnel signature certificate to your mail, scan for viruses, encrypt email messages etc. with the help of its friendly wizard. The add in adds ‘MailSafe’ menu on Outlook Menu bar. Further settings for securing you mail can be done from this menu. You can define Virus Scanner from installed antivirus tools, however it comes with built in Virus scanner- Sherlock. You can generate Personal certificate, encrypt your message and more with this easy to operate add in.

Secrett Systems Outlook Express Tips & Tricks

Though Outlook Express is the application which is easy in use and is designed for making your life easy, this does not mean that you know this easy yet powerful application inside out. If you want to know more about Outlook Express, if you want to configure it, want to add mail accounts, want to learn using Outlook Express efficiently for yourself without help of any one else, then there is a program called ‘Secrett Systems Outlook Express Tips & Tricks’ which you can use. It is a complete, interactive, visual guide and tutorial that teaches you to use Outlook Express right from scratch. With this application, you will be able to learn using Outlook Express effectively with all its tools and functionality. It also provides you great tips & tricks for effectively and efficiently using Outlook Express. For example, one of its tip says- “Do empty and compact your Deleted Items folder periodically. It saves disk space and helps Outlook to run more quickly. Empty it by clicking Edit/Empty Deleted Items folder.”

Screen Shot Descriptions:

1 Outlok01.jpg By default, Outlook Express installs some News and Directory service accounts. You have to remove unused accounts to speed things up.

2 Outlok02.jpg Reflex MailSafe Client: the Outlook add in that add up a dozen more functionality in Outlook.

3 Outlok03.jpg Reflex MailSafe Client can be easily configured with its friendly configuration wizard.

4 Outlok04.jpg Easy and helpful configuration Wizard of Reflex MailSafe Client explains the configuration settings and lets you fully understand these so that you know what you can do.

5 Outlok05.jpg Reflex MailSafe Client adds its own Menu on Outlook’s Menu Bar that can be easily accessed with a single click.

6 Outlok06.jpg Reflex MailSafe Client’s Configuration menu lets you define your email security settings, generates personal certificate, make advanced security settings and let you choose default antivirus tool for scanning email.

7 Outlok07.jpg Reflex Screen Mail, the Outlook Express add in that can be used primarily for protecting from virus that spreads through email attachments.

8 Outlok08.jpg Reflex Screen Mail gives you option to scan your mail by any of the installed antivirus tool installed in your computer. It also has built in antivirus tool called Reflex Sherlock.

9 Outlok09.jpg To speed up Your Outlook Express, under Options / maintenance menu, deselect ‘Compact Messages in the background’ and select ‘Empty messages form the ‘deleted items’ folder on exit’ and regularly delete unwanted, old mail. If you do not want to delete, then you can move important mail to another folder.

10 Outlok10.jpg Decorate your mail with friendly, feature full Outlook add in- Annotis Mail.

11 Outlok11.jpg Outlook Helper, the Outlook add in with some powerful functionality installs in a breeze, and work seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook.

12 Outlok12.jpg There is no other way to know Outlook Express than using ‘Outlook Express Tips and Tricks’, the interactive guide cum tutorial.

13 Outlok13.jpg Outlook Express Tips and Tricks tells you everything you want to know about your favorite email client- Outlook Express.

14 Outlok14.jpg Step by Step guide with marked and highlighted instructions lets you grab minutest things easily.

15 Outlok15.jpg Outlook Express Tips and Tricks provide you real world exercise to do things exactly as required by Outlook Express. If you make mistakes, it reports back your errors pointing exactly where you have gone wrong so that you can learn things quickly.

16 Outlok16.jpg Every step is well designed, guided tour in the tutorial provided by Outlook Express Tips and Tricks.

17 Outlok17.jpg You can find numerous tips and tricks for Outlook Express in this add in.

18 Outlok18.jpg Unwanted, unused accounts should be removed form Outlook.

19 Outlok19.jpg To quickly send email from anywhere within Windows, press Windows key and ‘r’ key simultaneously, type ‘mailto’ without quotes, and then type email address of recipient. Your default email client will open where you can type subject and message and hit send button to send mail immediately.

20 Outlok20.jpg Outlook Helper has built in Virus alerter .You can define rules, actions and email management settings through its friendly interface.

21 Outlok21.jpg Outlook Helper lets you preview all the picture files you received as attachments as resizable thumbnails without actually opening them.


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