Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Indic Blogger award IndiBloggies 2006 is ready to rock...

Are you ready for IndiBliggies 2006 Awards?

The prestigious Indian Blogger award, IndiBloggies 2006 is all set to rock & roll! You can yourself indeed be a very part of IndiBloggies 2006. Just think for ‘any' or ‘all' of these and more: -

  • You can register yourself as a Jury!
  • You can sponsor a grand prize ! Or, at least, you can nominate your favorite Blog, go vote for it and beg vote for it mercilessly!
  • You can suggest Catagories, the WAY winners should be chosen, and what not!

IndiBloggies awards are way better than Microsoft-BhashaIndia IndicBlogger 2006 Awards. Microsoft BhashaIndia 2006 awards witnessed many discrepancies, which cannot be termed at all as professional! Some basic points were not taken in account by BhashaIndia while deciding for Hindi blog award category. Goodies as prizes by BhashaIndia were also not up to the mark! In fact, IndiBloggies had disbursed more valued prizes during 2005 than BhashaIndia 2006!

And, believe it or not, despite more than six months had lapsed since Microsoft BhashaIndia had declared its results, Indic Blogger winners are yet to receive their prizes and trophies from BhashaIndia! Not only that, many winners have not yet been informed officially by BhashaIndia! The winners' list is there at BhashaIndia site making fun of winners like me! I even tried to put my point at their Forum, but they did'nt have courage to accept and publish my post!. Well, I am not in to Microsoft-BhashaIndia-Indic Blogger-Award bashing, but, I am simply comparing the PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE of BhashaIndia with that of IndiBloggies.

Now, don't you think, despite there is no big patronage behind IndiBloggies, yet, its professionalism makes better award than the Microsoft BhashaIndia Indic Blogger award?

So, why are we waiting for? Lets go IndiBloggies....



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