Friday, December 22, 2006

How to get Windows Vista for free?

Getting Windows Vista for Free

Amit has written an interesting article: How to get Windows Vista for free.

The article depicts several ways to grab Windows Vista for free.

But, none - repeat - none will work for a normal user like me! Why? Here are some good explanations:

Way 1 : Buy a new Dell / HP PC with free Windows Vista upgrade coupon? - I already have one, and instead of buying another one, just for free upgrade to Windows Vista, I will definitely opt to buy software itself!!

Way 2 : Attend the 2007 International CES conference in Las Vegas as an exhibitor? - Well, again, I consider myself as a normal user! So, this method is out of question, and it had ONLY literary meaning to me!!!

Way 3 : Nominate yourself or ask a friend to nominate you for the Microsoft MVP program? - Ah! This thing I had always dreaming since I had gain consciousness. Amit, can you tell me, since when Microsoft started accepting nominations for normal users like me?

Way 4 : If you have participated in the Windows Vista Beta testing program and have submitted at least 1 bug report...? Again, I am normal user, no developer or no tester either. Out of question for me again!

Way 5 : Register for the PowerTogether webinars....: This seems fine for me. But, hay, they have stopped distributing free Windows Vista since ages (at least, it seems!!!) - just see the screenshot below:

Finally, the article advises that, if none of the above options work, (eventually, it will NEVER work for most of his readers) then download and install Windows Vista Transformation Pack. But this resource hungry pack will hog your system for ONLY ‘look and feel' of Windows Vista - sans features like ‘Enhanced Functionality and Security' of Windows Vista!!!! AND not advisable at all!

Any way, thanks Amit, for giving your readers a real good dream!!!!

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