Saturday, December 02, 2006

How to send big files (up to 1 GB) through e-mail?

Send huge files (up to 1 GB) through e-mail!

There are many tools and e-mail plug-ins that lets you send files of size more than 10 MB (the default maximum size of Gmail) but Pando is different. It is free, efficient, and quite intuitive. It works as e-mail / messenger plug-in and delivers well. You can send individual / multiple files up to 1 GB in one go to any e-mail account that lets you store data up to that size.

See some screen shots below. Use of Pando is simple and self explanatory. You need to open file with *.pando extension to open / download the attachment, and hence it is necessary that the person who you are sending your huge attachment must also install Pando to open them. Presently, Pando works only with Internet Explorer.



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