Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Linux Tips: How to create desktop shortcuts in Linux?


Creating Desktop Shortcuts in Linux..

In KDE, it is quite easy.

(1) How to add desktop shortcuts for CD / DVD?

Right click on empty place of KDE desktop and go to Create New > Link to Device and then select CD or DVD or any other device you want to make shortcut for, and click on it. A Properties dialogue box will appear where you can change default properties. But, in general you need not to change any of these, hence click on OK, and your desktop shortcut for CD or DVD is created.

(2) How to add desktop shortcuts for file / folder or an application launcher?

Right click on empty place of KDE desktop and go to Create New then click on Link to Application. A properties window will appear where you need to set properties of your program / application behavior.

Now click on General tab and click on the gear icon to change this icon to an appropriate one. In Select Icon window select the appropriate icon and click OK. Further, change the text ‘Link to Application' to the appropriate name so that it indicates the shortcut . Next click on Application and then type the command (for example, kate for KDE text editor ) that starts application and click OK. And you are done. In special cases, you need to give full path of the command, and you can also change other settings, but default settings will do the work in most cases.



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