Monday, January 08, 2007

Thinking Beyond Blogging? Try Terapad

Well, Grand daddy of Blogger and WordPress finally arrives.

Bloggers now will have better choice. An all in one Blogging platform is now available for you, that too is ALL FREE, if you do not dislike small advertisements.

It is Terapad - the features Terapad is offering will redefine the way bloggers blog!

Here is what you will get integrated with your blog at Terapad:

1 Paypal ready shop - means, you can make a full fledged, e-bay like commercial blog in minutes
2 Full CSS control of your blog - means better personal design.
3 Problogging tools
4 WTSIWYG eidting
5 Content Management - you can add additional contents other than your blog post
6 News & RSS feeds
7 Image Gallery
8 Visitor Tracking - now your visitor statistics are built in within this blogging platform
9 Discussion forum - up and running full fledged forum from day one
10 Jobs and CVS search
11 Event Calender
12 Free 10 GB Bandwidth / 2 GB Data expandable with little monthly fee

What are the Negatives?
Here are a few:

Offering many things at one place may offend new bloggers
Interface is too cluttered. It requires a little getting used to.
Non-intuitive interface needs un-necessary navigations for petty task of site management. For example, you can't see link to create new post until and unless you create and click a category!

Another venture GOOGLE may buy out? Very Likely!

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