Monday, February 26, 2007

The best free edutainment software for your kids

Gcompris: One of the best, cross platform, free Edutainment software for your Kids.

Gcompris is a collection of educational games that provides many edutainment activities for your children aged beyond 2. It has nearly 100 activities as of now, and many more are being added. Moreover, the best part of Gcompris is it is available in 18 International languages! Gcompris is meant for Kids, but in fact, some games are so lovely and well thought, even I love to play them!

Here is a quick look - what will you get from this free edutainment suit-

Discover the Computer activities : Keyboard and mouse manipulation activities.

Discovery activities : Color, maze, memory, time, geography and sound based activities.

Experimental activities : Many educational activities such as Know water cycle, electric schema, Sea race etc.

Amusement activities : Football game, tuxpaint, animation etc.

Mathematical activities : calculation, geometry, numeration activities.

Puzzles : Many puzzles that includes Tower of Hanoi, fifteen games etc.

Reading activities : Letter, word reading, pronunciation, fill in missing letter, typing etc.

Strategy games : Chess, oware, bar and connect game.

These educational games have many levels and your child may engage and enjoy these games while learning simultaneously.

Download Gcompris 8.2.2 for Windows from here and for Linux from here. The complete and full version of Gcompris is bundled pre-installed with Knoppix live DVD - just boot in to it and enjoy these games without the hassle of installing it in Hard disk. For more information, visit

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