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Windows Vista : Tips and tricks

Windows Vista Tips : Tip #1

How to display file extensions and hidden files in Windows Vista?

By default, Windows Vista does not display file extensions of known file types and also does not display Hidden files.

If you want to display them, follow these simple steps:

Open Windows Explorer by clicking Windows startup logo in taskbar, and go to All Program>Accessories>Windows Explorer.

On Windows Explorer menu bar, click on Organize and then click on Folder and Search Options

In the window that appears, click on View tab and de-select Hide extensions for known file types and click apply. It will display file extensions in Windows explorer and everywhere else.

To display hidden files, click on radio button - Show hidden files and folders to select it, click Apply and you are done.

Windows Vista Tips : Tip #2

Where to find Multimedia Video demo tutorial of Windows Vista?

Windows Vista comes with many Multimedia Video demo tutorial, and that includes - Learn to how to use the mouse!

You can find them in the directory - windows/help/windows/en-us

The media files (in Windows media video format) are:

Media file name Brief description about tutorial

accounts.wmv - Understanding user accounts

internet.wmv - Using the web

mail.wmv - Using windows mail

mouse.wmv - Learning to use the mouse

navigate.wmv - Getting around in Windows

organize.wmv - Working with files and folders

printing.wmv - Printing in Windows Vista

programs.wmv - Working with programs - Start, stop, install and uninstall programs

security.wmv - Security basics - Firewall, antivirus, spyware protection

started.wmv - Understanding the parts of computer

support.wmv - Diagnosing problem and getting help

As you can see, these tutorials are of very basic in nature, don't help you much, and if you are pretty advance user, you may not need them at all! Hence, you can safely delete them. They occupy 54 MB hard disk space - no wonder Windows Vista demands more than 6 GB hard disk space to install itself - just to install things like that!

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