Monday, March 05, 2007

And now, Religious Operating systems!

It is true. The ultimate has come. A religious operating system. You can not part yourself with religion. You try to throw away religion with more and more energy, it bounces back to you with more and more energy.

The extremely popular Linux distribution Ubuntu already had a Christian Edition, now has a brand new, Ubuntu Muslim Edition that is released primarily to help religious Muslim in their prayer and learning Holy Ouran. This special distribution has Islamic softwares such as prayer times, Quran study tool, Arabic learning software etc. and also has special greenish Muslim "look and feel".

(screenshot courtesy

It looks very obvious that very soon, we will have Ubuntu Hindu Edition, Ubuntu and Ubuntu Sikh-Jain-Budha-Jew-and-what-not edition in our hand.

My fingers are crossed!

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SquirreL said...

They already have Ubuntu Satanic Edition @

Raviratlami said...

Thanks for pointing this.

Girish said...

Hi, satanic version is not a complete distribution. Its just a theme, mainly wallpapers and GDM theme


Anonymous said...


As a religious Seeker I am using the Ubuntu Muslim Edition and look very much forward to a Sikh Edition as well, as these are the two religions I am most interested in at this time!

Salaam & Namaste!

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