Monday, March 12, 2007

Who needs Windows Vista when you can have Knoppix 5.1.1 Live DVD?

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Well, in the first place there is no comparison between the two. In fact, there can't be any. Why? Simply because, Windows Vista is plain Operating system, with very little bundled apps. Whereas, Knoppix is complete Operating System bundled with hundreds of software that ranges from games to office!

When you install Windows Vista (it requires whopping 6.7GB hard disk space at a bare minimum!), what you will get is - much hyped 3D aqua Desktop, a so-called secure operating system that bugs you to hell - by asking for every stupid task to Continue. In addition to that, It had about a dozen utilities such as paint, notepad, wordpad and a few games.

Knoppix 5.1.1 DVD do not need hard disk installation, and you can still get 3D aqua like desktop bundled along with hundreds of applications and utilities - that ranges from Games to programming! It is as secure as Windows and do not - repeat - do not bug you to continue to perform a task.

Knoppix 5.1.1 DVD comes bundled with following and many more:

GAMES - Hundreds of games in these categories : Adventure, Arcade, Board games, Card Games, Educational Games, Puzzles, Strategy, Tactics.

DEVELOPEMENT TOOL : Many complete tools and suits for full fledged program development including fully functional MONO.

EDUTAINMENT : Knoppix 5.1.1 DVD had dozens of educational and edutainment software that ranges from K-touch the touch typing tutor tool to K-stars and K-alzium - the periodic table of elements.

GRAPHICS SUITS : Many graphics suits that lets you 3D modeling, DTP, Camera utility, sophisticated paint/photo editing like tools GIMP

INTERNET - Knoppix 5.1.1 DVD comes bundled with all kinds of Internet apps such as Browser, e-mail client, messenger and what not!

MULTIMEDIA - with Knoppix 5.1.1 DVD, you can play, listen and view all kinds of multimedia - including TV time television viewer.

OFFICE SUITE - It has Open Office 2.1 and many more other office apps such as K-Office, Abiword and GnuCash - the Financial accounting software.

And many -many more - Knoppix 5.1.1 had many more utilities that ranges from Science and maths, from basic Calculator to Binary Hex editor, and even - hundreds of pre-installed screen-savers!

The best part is yet to come - you can run it from DVD itself or if you think it is right time, you can install it in your computer too. And, Knoppix 5.1.1 DVD is Free. Free as free beer!

Download Knoppix from here

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes of course that is amazingly awesome that you get all of that for free. Directx10 may be a jokingly funny selling point, because it only applies to gamers, like me. Though I guess I would consider myself a real computer user. Therefore I probably wouldn't want every damn application that is available on the planet to be installed.

I miss typing "cd c:\games" then "cd sshock" you get the picture. If Linux received every game that Windows systems did I would never have left Slackware back in the late 90's but I would of eventually left Slackware and went to something like Gentoo and I bet you know why!

What I am saying is that all those applications although awesome and super do not make something better! It is all relative to the person that needs to use the computer and sadly for now I am freaking stuck with god damn Windows.


PS: I've been up all night trying to get the most out of my weekend. Monday comes way to fast and I have to work! So this may not make any sense at all sorry!

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