Thursday, April 12, 2007

Peepel Beta : A new solid Online Office suit

And, is free for you as always.

A quick look over Peepel Beta gives the impression that it has potential to grow as full fledged Online Office suit with all the necessary bells and whistles. This service is absolutely free for personal use. Registering is simple, two step process - all you have to do is fill up user name and password and provide a valid e-mail ID for account verification and you are done.

Basically, Peepel Beta gives you online word processor and spreadsheet program. Though it also has a calculator and a file manager - that manages your online stored files. You can create online directories and folder and manage them with this built in tool of Peepel Beta. The program is PHP based, yet it works real fast and gives you impression that it is Ajax based application.

Peepel Beta offer you full Unicode support and hence you can work in your own language. Complex Language like Indic is also well supported and you can save and manage your files in these languages too.

The word processor of Peepel Beta is nearly complete and had nearly all tools that a modern word processor can offer. However, its spreadsheet program is very basic and nearly unusable. Even it doesn't display formulae in the shells! Still, it is hoped that in near future, it may evolve in full fledged spread sheet program. Peepelcalculator - the calculator program too is very basic and offer you only arithmetic calculations - it doesn't have any scientific functions.

Anyway, the time for online applications have come full circle and it appears that nobody will use bulky MS Office like Desktop application anymore in near future.

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Stephen Kelly said...

Thanks for your comments, Peepel does utilise AJAX as well as PHP.

We will be adding the ability to see formulas in the spreadsheet any day now.

I am happy to see you become a Peepel person.

Raviratlami said...

Thanks for your input. spreadsheet indeed needs more tools to be added soon :)

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