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How to add RadioBlog juke box in your blog?

RadioBlog plays shockwave audio files through an innovative, changeable playlist that you can add in your blog.

There are hundreds and thousands of all kinds of songs that you can create playlist and listen through RadioBlog. You can play a single file by embedding its Radioblog code in your blog post.

Shockwave files are extremely light in size and hence they do not clog your bandwidth. While your MP3 files may take about a few thousand kilobyte space, a SWF file may take only a few hundred. A MP3 file may take ages to load and take time to buffer, the SWF file loads quickly because of its tiny size. That is why in RadioBlog, you listen music without interruption.

Here is simple how-to described for you so that can create your own RadioBlog playlist and add the RadioBlog player in your blog - A best way to share your song playlist among your friend all across the globe.

Step 1- Go create an account at RadioBlog Club. It is very simple, two step process.

Step 2- Login and Create playlist at RadioBlogClub by searching songs through keywords.

Step 3- Note down the code number of playlist you created. It is available at the right bottom corner of your playlist page RadioBlogClub site. Refer picture below:

It says -

Do you know?

You can send this playlist to your friends, just copy/paste this link:

in the above link, you can see the number - 2273577. This is the number of your playlist. Note it down.

Now copy paste the following code (printed in bold) in your Blog side bar code at an appropriate place. Use ‘add page element' in New Blogger and choose Script/HTML code option, and save your template.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
RadioBlog.playlist = '';
RadioBlog.width = '75%';
RadioBlog.height = '100%';
RadioBlog.color.body = '#ECECEC';
RadioBlog.color.border = '#0099ff',
RadioBlog.color.button = '#0099ff',
RadioBlog.color.player_text = '#999999',
RadioBlog.color.playlist_text = '#999999'

Please note that you must change the code of your playlist id with 2273577 else, my playlist will load on your radioblog!

As you also see, you can change the look and feel of the player - so that it can match with your blog template scheme. Simply replace the existing color code with the one you want and you are done.

One best thing about RadioBlog is that once you set it up for your blog, you can dynamically change playlist in RadioBlog anytime and it will reflect in your blog instantly.

Your RadioBlog will look like this in your Blog-sidebar:

Enjoy Radio on your blog!

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gE3k said...

nice post
I was search to how to add radioblog to my blog
could you post to how to get a translation bar like the one in your blog?

Anonymous said...

OMG! you are the best!!!!!! i've been trying to post my radioblog for hours!!!! THANK YOU!

sarvamitran said...

useful post. I tried this out, but my playlist appears to the side instead of the bottom of the album art. Because of this, The songs aren't fully visible (cut off by the sidebar). Do you have any suggestions? (you can see the problem on my page)

sarvamitran said...

sorry forgot the URL

Raviratlami said...

you can see this line in code-
RadioBlog.width = '75%';
RadioBlog.height = '100%';

simply play around by decreasing the size suitable to your side bar!

Anonymous said...

Good day to you, Sir. This is a great post!! I'm trying to incoporate a Radioblog into my blog which I will create in Jan. But I am having a little difficulties...
Sorry about this, but I do not know how to change the color of the radio blog. Also, I can't find some of my wanted songs in the radioblog. Is there anyway to upload? How do you delete those unwanted songs on your playlist? Sorry about these questions but I have struggled for hours to figure them out but to no avail. Will appreciate your teachings.

Bharat said...

amazing post.. the only problem is that i cant find all the songs i want over there..
how can i put my own songs?

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