Monday, May 21, 2007

How to add slideshow in your blog post?

I had added a slideshow of beautiful cactus flowers in my this blog post . This is a flash based slideshow, and that is why it loads quickly in browser. Some readers had asked me to how to add one such in their blog post.
Recently, the online picture storage service Picasaweb had added facility to show your uploaded picture files as a flash based slide show in any web page. And you can do it pretty easily.
If you do not have a Picasaweb account, then create one for yourself. If you use Blogger blogspot account for your blog, then there already will be a Picasaweb account for you in which you can login through your Blogger ID. Now upload your photos in a new album you want to show as slide show in your blog.
You can use Picasa tool to upload your photos. You can download Picasa tool which is now available in Hindi too.

Now select the album where you have uploaded your files and which you want to display as slide show. You will find a link called Embed Slideshow at the lower bottom side of browser window. Click on it and you will get an embedding code in HTML. Copy this and paste it at an appropriate location in your blog post. You can define your slideshow size from very small (144px) to very large (800px). I had used 400px here.
What are you waiting for? Start now! Add a beautiful slide show of your favorite pictures and photographs in your blog post. It works well in wordpress blogs also. We are waiting to see your camera's world through your blog's embedded slide show.
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