Friday, May 25, 2007

World's cheapest PCs

Suddenly everybody is talking about cheap PCs. The OLPC created the debate and now Intel's Classmate had brought the cheap PCs come full circle.

While OLPC's pricing has been increased to about $150-176, Classmate's pricing to stick around $100 will make it more acceptable.

While OLPC claims that its XO laptop has a screen resolution four times better than a normal laptop with a 12-hour battery life Classmate's specification says it has 7" screen with approx. 4-hour battery life.

Meanwhile, due to many obvious reasons, many individual and companies were forced to upgrade their hardware. Windows Vista, for example can not run on older computers having less than 512MB RAM. These hardware remain in working condition and are being re-sold at a fraction of a price at many places. You can get a an old yet with full multimedia capable P3 class complete desktop PC for about $100 at any local computerwala. In India, Big-apple is one such company that deals in used computers - and you can find many used PCs are being sold at a fraction of original PCs.

We will see a further reduction in pricing of PCs. Who knows, some day you will have a brand-new PC for free - the way you get your mobile phone now - all you have to do is to commit yourself to use their web services for a specific period of time.

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