Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogger in Draft - Rain of features in Blogger!

Blogger in Draft - Blogger going feature rich!

We may expect torrential rain of features in Blogger some time soon. Or, at least, it seems. Google Blogger had started embedding all kinds of web application and web services in its blogging platform - Blogger. There is a buzz about an all new Blogger in Draft - available to select few early adopters for test purpose.

Blogger in Draft - appears as beta release of an all new Blogger. In Blogger-in- Draft, you can login with your existing Blogger account for test post. Blogger in Draft has an all new feature - you can directly upload your video on your blog post. There is a Video Upload button similar to picture upload button you see while publishing a new post. With this button, you can directly upload a video and publish it in your Blogger Blog without the need of services like YouTube or Blinks.

The video upload test failed in Opera Browser. In Firefox, initially some error occurs but finally I was able to upload the video. The rate of upload was very slow. And it appears that the problem was not with the network. 30 seconds video of about 17 MB had taken more than 30 minutes to upload.

Presently, as it is available only for test purpose, we may hope that everything will be looked upon before its final release. There were Digital camera and Digital Cam-carder embedded in every gadgets now-a-days, it can safely be speculated that in future, more than half the blog posts may contain some kind of Video content in it. And, that is why in-built video upload facility was the need of the hour.

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