Thursday, June 21, 2007

I have all the joost invite

Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

Want to try out Joost - the ultimate TV experience on your PC?

I have all the invitation with me! So, if you want one, just mail me or leave your email address as comment.

Here is the mail I received from Joost which I want to share with you:

Subject: Now you can invite all your friends to Joost

Hello Ravishankar,

We hope you're enjoying your Joost experience.

We'd like to share some good news and celebrate the launch of the new Joost beta - Now For Friends. This means you can now invite as many friends as you want to try out Joost. To access your invites, log onto Joost, go to My Joost and fill in your friends' details in the Invite Friends widget box.

If you're running out of friends, you can make new ones by letting people know you've got invites. To help with this, we've made a few goodies especially for you, which you can find at

Last but not least, we invite you to enjoy the variety of new shows we're introducing each week. This week we bring you a host of new channels from Universal Music, great science fiction like Earth Final Conflict, and Creature Comforts from Aardman Animations.

We've also got swimsuit models and snowboarders, anime and animals, and much more. But that's just the beginning. Each week we'll launch new channels - making sure you can watch what you want, when you want. So stay tuned...

If you've got any questions, feel free to check out our forum, and don't forget to send us feedback on what you like and things we could improve.

Enjoy, and see you on Joost!

The Joost Team

Obviously, I now have all the Joost invitations with me. You can mail me or leave your e-mail address as comment if you want one.

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mike said...

sweet, I could use a invite.

claudio said...

quiero mi jooss

claudio said...

claudio moreno quiero mi jooss

Konstantin said...

invite me please

Raviratlami said...

@mike, konstantin,
Thanks. will send invite today itself

@claudio, Thanks, but you need to give me your e-mail address for invite :)

mike said...

Just wanted to drop by and say THANKS! got my joost invite in the mail today.

CharlesSued said...

charlessued at gmail dot com

Thanks for the invite

Anonymous said...

Thanks, please invite me


Raviratlami said...

@ charlessued, cafa2003,

I am sending you invite today. pl check your inbox.


gators06 said...

I would love to use Joost. Please invite me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

please invite me

Raviratlami said...

@Gators06, anonymous,

I am sorry to say that joost is crashing without giving reasons and I am unable to send you invite presently. pl forgive me, as soon my account allow me, I will send you one.


Anonymous said...

an invite please, thanks!

Walkabout said...

Joost invite please

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