Sunday, June 24, 2007

Why MSN sucks and Google rocks?

Recently, I simply wanted to install latest version of Windows Live writer. Earlier, I had tried it and had dumped it in favor of TinyMCE because Windows Live Writer was producing errors while handling Unicode Hindi Text. Recently, I had read some favorable review from most of the quarters and wanted to give a try.

To get latest version of Windows Live Writer, I simply head to Microsoft’s Download center, and searched for the Key word – “Windows Live Writer”. I had deliberately kept to search in all section checked.

Windows Live writer is from Microsoft stable, and supposed to give you download link for latest version of Windows Live writer.

Instead, it simply gives me error message that it could not find keyword –“Windows Live Writer”. Whereas, Windows Live Writer is gaining ground and today, it is one of the best offline Blog writing tool. I tried MSN search, but I failed again. I tries various locations and search terms, but failed every time.

Finally, I turned to every one's favorite - Google. I used the same keyword –“ Windows Live Writer”, and voila – I got at least 3 working links that points to Windows Live Writer download in first 10 search result.

Way to go MSN. You simply failed to search your own popular content! Very bad. Indeed very bad! Me too, feeling bad about it!

PS – I had since been shifted to Windows Live Writer. It handles Unicode Hindi beautifully and blog publishing through it had become a child’s play. I wish, some day it had built in Hindi Spell check. Then I will completely dump my MS Word in favor of WLW. :)


Red Bird said...

You're right about searching in Microsoft Download Center. It doesn't give any results, because I think Microsoft doesn't want you to go there to get Live Writer..

I tried their Live Search in the their page which is located in the right corner, and it works. It shows the results of the and they are identical to the ones in Google.

Raviratlami said...

red bird,

you are right, but in MS Download center, there must be some link - WLW is a very popular product.

TRANE said...

msn sucks it wont let me type ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

MSN is shit shit shit. signing off Hotmail always directs me to MSN page and that slowness interferes with typing in url of next site.
MSN = %$$464$^%$#^#@^%#& $%@!@@!!!

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