Sunday, June 03, 2007

World's Bottom 5 Products

There were 5 funny videos from CNET TV which tells you about worst 5 products in 5 different categories.

And, They are:

Top 5 Apple flops:

5 - Apple 3

4- Newton

3- John Scully

2- G4 Cube

1 - Puck Mouse

Top 5 crapware apps

5- Store brand utilities

4- Trial ware Quicken

3- Toolbars on Browsers

2- ISPs

1- Antivirus

Top 5 worst download of 2007

5- Healing Stress

4- Driving

3- Soda Tracker

2- Harold search network YouTube browser

1- USA green card lottery simulator

Top 5 Most embarrassing Gadgets

5- Third Generation iPod

4- PDA

3- Spot Watch

2- Original Nokia N-Gage

1- Over Size cell phone head set

Top 5 worst product of the decade

5- Furby

4- Pocket Mail

3- DigiScent iSmell

2- CueCat

1- Microsoft BoB

And, what are the top 5 product in the respective category?

For that, and the reason why these were rated as best or worst product, watch the respective video by clicking these links:

CNET TV: Top 5 bottom 5s

But, at least this I can tell you - according to CNET TV, the best top 5 product in a decade are-

1 iPod

2 TiVo

3 Google

4 Napster

5 Firefox.

What do you say? Do you agree? Or, do you maintain a different list?

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