Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Now give commands in Windows in complex Asian languages like Hindi, Tamil... etc.

These kinds of features were available in *nix platform (probably in Mac too) since long. Now you can use Indian Languages (Asian complex script fonts) such as Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi to give commands in your very own Windows. You can use vernacular language commands to not only open applications, but to write complex script too. With the use of Windows PowerShell's advanced features like pipes, you can write powerful scripts for your everyday computing need.

You can use these (say in Hindi) commands through Alias only. It means that there were no internal commands in other languages. For example you can set alias for notepad.exe as (set your browser View setting view>encoding>Unicode UTF-8 to view command in Hindi) नोटपैड with the help of Windows PowerShell set-alias utility like this:  –

Set-Alias नोटपैड "c:\windows\notepad.exe"

Now you can start notepad by giving  नोटपैड command in PowerShell command terminal window .

Similarly, if you give command नोटपैड मेरी फ़ाइल then Notepad will start, if मेरी फ़ाइल.txt is available, it will open it for you, else will ask you to create one for you..

You can create Alias for all your applications. For example, you can set दस्तावेज़ as alias for your MS Word program like this –

Set-Alias दस्तावेज़ "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Hindi Office\Office12\winword.exe"

Now you do not need to click open MS Word in Windows Start Menu. Simply give command  दस्तावेज़ in PowerShell command input terminal and MS Word will fire instantly..

As you can see, दस्तावेज  is not displaying correctly here. In Linux systems too, except in some graphical shell, Complex Script like Hindi are not displaying correctly in Shells.  But this does not debar you to use these languages for giving everyday computing commands.

There were detailed user manual and getting started guide for using Windows PowerShell that can be used to write complex script in one's own language. Windows PowerShell is currently available in Early Alfa, and is released free to download and use.

 Download Windows PowerShell from here 

 Download Documents and Manual for Windows PowerShell from here

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