Monday, May 19, 2008

Adsense goes truly contextual.

Since last week, Adsense program had gone truly contextual. That is, it had stopped displaying adsense advertisement on pages which are in Adsense-non-supported languages. Though it is continuing displaying Referral Ads. Many users have confirmed this. And, if you view these non English language pages translated in English through Google translate tool, advertisement dynamically reappears. Earlier, once you signed up with any supported language such as English language as Language option, it lets continue to display advertisement in English to non supported languages pages such as in Hindi Blogs.

Now, unsupported language users such as Hindi walah have no option but to wait till Adsense program start supporting their language or hunt for other option to monetize their web pages. But then there were very limited choice in the offing. Anyway, Adsense program for non supported language such as implementation on Hindi (it was always taken as experimental) was not delivering things up to the mark and except a very few, most users were waiting for their first cheque from Google. Even, that dream had vanished for now.

Let us hope, Google adsense program will soon start supporting all the languages on the web.

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