Monday, June 09, 2008

Got bored reading same and similar news in top blogs?

Top blogs have tendency to lift big news ASAP. But, in the end, readers end up reading same and similar stories multiple times. Here is my take on the Story of Google Fevicon Design Contest :

Googleblog blogged about it Here.

Zdnet wrote about it - Google want your help with their icon

Google operating system featured this as New Google Favicon

Mashable had the same story but with different Heading - Google VP calls for comment on Favicon design

My Digital life directly asked you to Design Favicon for Google

QuickOnlineTips also asked you to Design favicon for Google

Techmeme lifted the plain odd heading of original google blog : One fish, two fish, way too many fish...

And the list goes on...

If you are going bombarding with same and similar news in so many top blogs, the what is the point subscribing all or many of them? But, then, nobody wants to ignore big, interesting news like this. A catch 22 - 22 situation?

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