Tuesday, August 19, 2008

13 worst web glitches of 2008 (so far)


In the era of Cloud Computing (Dell failed to get trade mark for this, thank god, else we may have to pay for this term too) web glitches are as certain for the mankind – as taxes and, well - death.

Here are # top 13 worst web glitches of 2008 (so far, and counting…)

# 1 – E-Mail : Yep, e-mail. Everybody had encountered more and more spam than genuine mail in the year 2008. No matter how strong you define filters for Viagra, no matter you use HSCA (Heaviest and deadliest Spam Cruncher Application) to weed out mail offering you Viagra, mail containing V}Agra or Vi{}gra will sneak in to your inbox to erect your anger. Isn’t e-mail be termed as the #1 worst web glitches of all time? Just Imagine our easy life if e-mail had not been invented in the very first place.

#2 – Blog : Do you blog? If not, then you are nobody. And that is why everybody – from celebrity to nobody is in to serious blogging. Blogging had made glitches everywhere – from work to relationships and what not. You are in to serious business, and your rss reader pops up from nowhere telling you that your web friend had just published a great blog post. And, you have to read it first at all cost. Damn, glitch!

# 3 – Social Networking sites : Orkut – Facebook – Linkdin et al : Web users are getting more and more antisocial with the help of these social sites. They are getting indulged in more and more virtual activity than REAL physical activity. Reading and writing scrap books and messages were getting more important than saying hello to your colleague next bench. Web Glitch for Social man? If not, then what?

# 4 – YouTube : Once upon a time, getting too bored with his idiot box (the TV), man turned to the web – only to find TV’s big daddy – the YouTube. All kinds of funny and racy videos out there makes glitches in your fertile mind before and after watching them! And with Zoost, BlipTV etc. - huh! Glitches – more Glitches!!

# 5 – Twitter : Man was never so much interested in what other men were doing in their bed rooms and bath rooms until Twitter arrives. Twitter also helps you know what your friend’s friend’s friend’s cousin is doing at the moment you were seriously trying to fix that damn bug in that tiny two lines program. If you do not think this as glitch, then you are a moron, and you are free to use as many twitter clones like pownce, tumblr and what not.

# 6 – Flickr : Photos – photos and photos. Beautiful Lindsay Lohan posing as nude Marlin Monroe, bathing Paris Hilton caught on camera, Michel Jackson without his nose prop and so on… If, according to you, these are not glitches for you, then go seek an appointment to your psychiatrist right away…

# 7 – Wikipedia : Ask somebody some question, and, instead of using his brains, he instantly turns to Wikipedia for an answer. If not, then, I bet, he sure turns to Wikipedia for a second opinion. The real glitch is, web-life without Wikipedia is now unimaginable.

# 8 – Google : Struck somewhere for a clue? Want tip to grow wheat in barn? How to overclock an ordinary digital clock? Google hai na. Turn to Google. And you will find 1000000000 answers. Means, 1000000000 glitches. Oh, man!

# 9 – IM, Skype, Gtalk : The real glitch here is the man with few words in his real life become too talkative. A case of split personality? Yeh, you are right. This is the real glitch with IMs.

# 10 – e-Bay : You have the newest and latest model of MP3 player, working in perfect working condition. Still, when an irresistible offer pops out in eBay with a big bargain, you opted to get one. The glitch here is, you already have a dozen or so latest MP3 player you have purchased within six months. And the case is similar with other gadgets as well. And for payment? There is another glitch. So, read on…

# 11 – PayPal : With PayPal donation button, you can always hope for begging hefty donation. The glitch is, they never materialize, and instead, you end up spending money with your PayPal account. If you have PayPal account, you are perfect candidate for glitch no. #10.

# 12 – The Piratebay : All your torrent search landed here. The glitch is, you never know which torrent had embedded Viruses and Trojans. And, if you think you are fine with Viruses and Trojans, then the glitches are for other parts – music companies, artists, application developers etc.

# 13 – Here comes glitch by you. So, comment on!

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