Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chhattisgarhi Operating System will now be a reality very soon

I was dreaming for this since long-long ago. Now it will be a reality. Sarai had accepted to support Chhattisgarhi Localization of KDE. Here is the mail by which  Gora announced this. Maithly and Gujarati were another language among accepted projects :



Hello everyone,  It gives us great pleasure to announce the list of fellowsfor the 2008 Sarai FLOSS fellowship programme.

The number of fellowships
this year represents a dramatic increase from pastyears. We are thankful to NIXI, and in particular, to theirCEO, Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal for their
generosity in making somany fellowships possible. Below is the list of 21 awardees.

The list is also availableonline at <> .

We will be in touch with each of the fellows, andalso with anyone who sent in a proposal by the coming weekend.Please feel free to write to me with any queries, and/orconcerns. The final list is:   1. Debayan Banerjee/Sawood Alam: Joint award for OCR in Urdu, Bengali, etc., based on Google Tesseract 

2. Abhishek Choudhary et al: Hindawi is a system to allow programming in Indian languages. This project proposes to build online courseware to introduce the various components of Hindawi, to improve the project documentation, create a syllabus around Hindawi, distribute live CDs, and hold lectures.  

3. Hassath: Making of a short film using FOSS tools, documenting the process, and listing pros and cons of the applications.  

4. Sachin Joshi: Integrating automated speech recognition (ASR) for Hindi into the Linux platform.  

5. Aadil Kak: Kashmiri font completion, and localisation of KDE 4.2.  

6. Friji Karthikeyan: Internet Radio framework, with interface to, and hosting on  

7. Satya Komaragiri: Speech-to-text support in OLPC, with Hindi ASR.  

8. Manu Konchady: FOSS online tutor to teach students new languages, using text-to-speech, and a web-based framework.  

9. Ajay Kumar: Sahana client on Openmoko mobiles. Sahana is the disaster relief management system used for the Bihar floods, tsunami, etc. 

10. Sangeeta Kumari: Maithili localisation of KDE4.2, Fedora, and the Chatzilla IM client. 

11. Pranav Madhyastha / Sriram Chaudhary: Joint award to develop a system of machine translation (MT) from English to Hindi.
This will consist of a web framework to assist improvement of the background engine, and work on an open-source MT engine, Anusaaraka. 

12. Helen Mary: Open-source database, and tools to study mental retardation. 

13. Kartik Mistry: Gujarati localisation of KDE 4.2, usability workshop, and some internationalisation work for KDE 

14. Rajeev Sebastian: Indic text rendering in Scribus, a page layout (DTP) application, using the Harfbuzz library. 

15. Shishir Sharma et al: Intelligent Transliteration from Romanised English to Hindi 

16. Syed Shikeb: Urdu localisation of KDE 4.2. 

17. Ravishankar Shrivastava: Chhatisgarhi localisation of KDE 4.2. 

18. Sreeraj R: Adding feature to System Verilog support for ICARUS. System Verilog is a hardware description, and verification language (HDVL) used, e.g., to program FPGAs. 

19. Srujanika: Addition to Oriya dictionary, including scientific and technical terms. 

20. Shamail Tayyab: Web-based secure P2P. Promotes sharing in a community-based way 

21. C S Yoganada: Extend Sagar (TeX) to Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi,Gujarati and Oriya





Congrats to all!

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