Friday, December 05, 2008

Why not to use Google Chrome in your Power Savvy Laptop?


I had previously used and tested Google chrome for its Hindi (Indic) capabilities, and had quickly abandoned since it was giving trouble here and there. Recently, after going through a report about browser share – yes, Chrome is gaining share - I tested Chrome again.

To my horror, when I opened about 8-10 tabs in Google Chrome, my laptop’s on-demand CPU cycle remain steady at 100% status and because of this, my laptop goes red-hot and its battery drained more quickly than ever. Instead of usual Two-and-half hour back-up, my laptop’s battery drained completely within an hour.

Probably, this is because, Google chrome opens a new process every time when a user opens a tab, and hence it uses your precious CPU cycle, memory and – Well, your computer’s power at an unprecedented rate.

So, beware – use Google Chrome with caution especially when you are on Battery power.

I have used Opera, Konqueror (in Linux), Firefox, Internet Explorer, Epipheny – and found that Firefox uses least CPU cycles on its heavy usage. And, if you use Opera as RSS reader, otherwise a light browser, it too become bloatware.


Anonymous said...

Hi, did you try looking in Chrome's task manager (Shift+ESC) to see which tab or plugin was using up so much CPU? It is possible for some web sites (or some plugins) to consume a lot of CPU. Hope this helps!

Raviratlami said...

Hi, Anonymous,
A agree. But, I had found that with SIMILAR sites opened, Firefox is more efficient.

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