Sunday, April 05, 2009

Beware! Google adsense ads may embarrass you and finally may land you in legal hurdles too!

Recently, in one of my Indic blog, a Google Adsense appeard that is really embarrassing to both me and my readers.

Here is the screenshot of ads that appeared:

google adult ads

Apparently, the cunning advertiser had successfully fooled Google bot with Adult Hindi Keywords. I had immediately blocked the URL in Adsense ads filter, but by the time, damages had been done. Moreover, in India, displaying such advertisement in your blog may land you in serious legal hurdles and you may actually land in JAIL displaying such adult content on your blog!

Google must review its own advertisement policy and strict measure must be adopted to curb such menaces. A better solution – such as advertisement moderation is the need of the day.

In the meantime, be aware with your Google Adsense!

1 comment:

jansewak said...

Ratlami ji, Aap is bat ko kehkar bhi bata sakte the, kya zaroorat thi screenshot dene ki, google ne to bewkoofi men ye kam kiya, aap to janboojhkar advertise kar rahe hain!

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