Thursday, July 27, 2006

Boot CD in 4 easy step

Create a no-nonsense emergency multi-boot CD in just Four easy steps:

Worry about lengthy - complex procedures involved in making boot CD? Follow these four extremely simple steps to create one for you. Though, you may not be able to customize this boot CD with these simple steps, yet it is powerful enough to rescue you in most situations.

Step 1 There is a nice freeware tool ebcd that makes Emergency Multi boot CD for you in very simple way. Download the compressed zip file from ftp site: . Alternately, you may find it on i.t. CD .

Step 2 Extract the contents of zip file in to any directory, say in c:\boot directory.

Step 3 Go to the directory where you have extracted these files, here it is c:\boot and run the bat file make-ebcd-pro.bat . It will create an iso image file Ebcd-pro-v05.iso in the same directory.

Step 4 Start your Cd burner software such as Nero- Burning Rom, click on file, click on burn image, select the iso image file Ebcd-pro-v05.iso in c:\boot directory, put a blank CDR/CDRW disk in your CD Writer and follow on screen instructions to complete CD writing.

Your multi-boot CD is ready. You will get following Options to boot in to with this Multi-boot CD:

  1. Boot with system software that include XOSL- the boot manager, disk partitioning and checking utility, a Norton commander type file manager – called Volkov Commander etc. but without NTFS support.
  2. Boot with file manager and with NTFS support.
  3. Boot with AIDA16 – Hardware test and information utility.
  4. Boot in to powerful rescue Linux.
  5. Boot in to NT Password Editor Mode.
  6. Boot with Memory Test Utility.
  7. This boot option lets you test your Drives.
  8. With this boot option, you can easily edit the faulty Win9x/ME registry.

Screen shot descriptions:

  1. bootA_01 Emergency Boot CD (ebcd) gives you 8 Options to boot from.
  2. bootA_02 With ebcd, you can boot in to Win98 command prompt with NTFS support.
  3. bootA_03 ebcd also lets you boot in to Linux Rescue mode.
  4. bootA_04 ebcd has number of tools and utilities built in to help you out in real mess.

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