Thursday, July 27, 2006

The internet is not GOD !

The Internet is Evil.


I simply do not want to remember my bad old days. There were no internet, no emails and no porn sites either. For all my project work, I will have to go to collage library, refer hundreds of heavy, old books, read hundreds of thousands of pages, take notes, discusses with my professors and painstakingly write down every important piece. Today, all I need is internet. I just google a few word and with little cut & paste, my world class project report gets finished within no time. I am blessed with modern time. I am blessed with Internet.

I certainly do not want to remember my bad old days. I need to write letters and reply letters through snail mail after much thought and after much consideration. Often I need to re-write some or all portion of my letters which I remember later, and occasionally, I remember just prior to dropping them on red post box. Some letters carry strange perfume that I always suspect creates bout of allergy attacks on me, and I also carry a strange fear that some letter from some strange person may come with traces of Anthrex bacteria or a Parcel bomb. Thanks to internet, this fear is now no more. I don’t need to think or re-think to write letter either. I simply hit reply button on my e-mail client, type some SMS lingo and click send. Recipient has no time to read and praise your beautiful, grammatically correct letter either.

Ah! Internet. Life were never so easy before. Earlier, I need to go to a friend’s or a relative’s place to have some chat and for some get-together. Now, all I need is internet and a web cam. I can chat real time with anybody from any part of the globe simply from my own cabin. Through my keyboard, I can converse with many people simultaneously for hours non stop. Even, I love chatting on internet with my neighbor. When you can chat conveniently from your chair, is there any need to go meet anybody – repeat – anybody, personally? Similarly, when I can shop and order pizza through convenience of my key board, then only a fool will go out to buy one!

As an internet user, I can call myself as member of elite, forward class group who uses internet. There are only two groups of people globally. The forward group who uses internet, and the backward group who not. All the global information, news are always available on my fingertips – thanks to internet. When you are true global – thanks to internet - who cares about petty local matters – such as - last night there occurred a theft at my neighborhood – but who cares – it is the matter of local police to investigate. I had to read my favorite blog posts, and there is a big backlog needs to be cleared at the earliest.

Internet has helped millions, in millions of ways, in making millions. Hundreds of phishers and spammers might have starved to death had there been no internet. Equally, it also holds true for hackers and crackers. Without those some friendly hackers, I might not have been able to use some real beautiful piece of software.

Internet has provided me new age of information and had opened many entertainment channel for me. I can access millions of porn stuff anywhere any time. I can fully understand the differences between bedroom living and love making pattern among a China’s couple and a Chili’s couple. I can download thousands of mp3 music for free – to hell with the proprietary funda. Internet is great leveler. Either I get free or I can find cracks to make it free - of virtually everything – in internet.

Hardly I am using internet for 3-4 years and I am mad about it. I can live without food, say for a couple of a day, without water for couple of hour, but not without internet. Internet is now my basic need – it has added itself to the Roti, Kapada aur Makan, and falls first in the list.

And you want me to say the Internet is evil? Excuse me, I beg to differ.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that you only portrayed the positive & upbeat image of the internet and gave the other side a miss. How about the issue of wide-spread issue of child pornography ? It is beacause internet is such an accessible medium & many sick perverts are using it, leads to more exploitation of children to fulfil demands of sick,rich bast*ards !
Also, there are issues with net-addiction & net-neutrality.
Internet is just a medium ! That is all it is. And like every other medium it in itself is neither good nor bad. What _we_ do with it makes it either good or bad.
Do check the following link it packs common sense which is so uncommon these days.

Link -

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