Thursday, August 31, 2006


VandeMataram or Gun-de-Mataram?

Arjun Singh, known for his calculated move, failed miserably this time while issuing this order - making compulsory reciting VandeMataram by students on September 7, 2006; the centenary day of the song.

Dirty politics are been played from all political-religion sections - why to sing and why not to sing VandeMataram.

Every poet, columnist, blogger now has topic - VandeMataram! Courtesy - Arjun Singh. Thanks again Mr. Arjun Singh.

Recently, in our colony's Ganeshotsav, a Kavisammelan was organized. Ratlam's well known poet, Mr. Tulsi Ram Sharma also recited his poem based on VandeMataram.



Shri Tulsi Ram Sharma is 75 Years old, but he recite poem with the energy of a 20 years young. His energy is immensely watcahble - Just see it to believe it.

(Please forgive me for poor video quality. The original high quality video was 45 MB download, so I had deliberately made it low quality 1.7 MB easy download)

Let's forget our political-religious compulsions and sing together - VandeMataram!

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