Sunday, September 10, 2006

Obscenity: Paying Rich dividends? Part-2

Obscenity's rich dividend - Part - 2

Earlier, you may have read - how mainstream Indian media - be it Television or Print magazine/newspapers - were embracing obscenity in their content to increase their TRP ratings and circulations.

Whether the Indian Art World is any different?

Some days ago, an art exhibition was held in Mumbai. The title itself was named as "Tits n Clits n Elephant's Dick". In the said exhibition, there were different symbols of erect male reproductive organ and female mammary glands, made by everyday items, were exhibited. The concept is having little difference with the advertisement of a beverage brand's curvy bottle.

Should the ART be like this?

Advertisement of a Painting named Street Culture by Fawad Tamakant in Art India.

In Art India's latest Edition (Volume-XI, Issue- II, Quarter- II) , it appears that obscenity concept is being highlighted in bold.

There are numerous photographs of all kinds Art pieces by Artists of all genre - New comers, Established, Renowned. Some art photographs are given as advertisement of art exhibition of some renowned Art Galleries, and some are given along with review. If you give a simple glance to these art, then you will find that most of these art pieces can be termed as obscene. Definitely, these type of art pieces are getting popular among some rich-n-famous kinds and there appears big market for the same. That is why these type of art pieces are traded at premium and are finding places all across the globe in renowned Art Galleries as well. And, that is why Art Galleries have started exhibiting with obscene name as well - such as - ‘Tits n clits n elephant dick!'



Or, should the art be like this?

K.G. Subramaniyan's painting reviewed in Art India.

It is absolutely true that painting nude figures are basic and fundamental part of an art student, otherwise his concept will not clear about human anatomy. But this does not mean that as an artist, he should paint nothing but nudes. Renowned artist - Anjali Ila Menon once cut her ‘birthday cake' having shape of ‘Breast' - just to get media attention. This news obviously landed on page3 and definitely may have increases Ila's art values. Occationaly, Husain is known to paint nude Hindu Goddess just to create controversy, get media attention, generate buzz around art world and therefore increase his art values. No wonder, his paintings were now sold in crores.

Or, finally, should art be like this?

Jogen Choudhary's painting - Couple

It appears that contemporary artist had learned for good that obscenity and nudity in art are reimbursing rich dividends to them. Suddenly big bazaars have created everywhere for these style of art pieces - whether in paintings or in sculptures.

Obscenity in art - it seems that everybody is getting started enjoying !

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