Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How to convert Unicode Indic files ( say Unicode Tamil files) in to PDF?

How to convert Unicode Hindi MS word file in to PDF?

The best way of course, is to use Adobe Acrobat, since it now has built in, full Unicode support. But it requires fortune to buy and hence not recommended. Here are two better alternatives for you - and, hold your penny - they are totally free.

The first option is easy if you are already using this free office suit - OpenOffice 2 and want to convert common Office documents in pdf. If you are not using Openoffice2 then download and install for free from as it is free for use and distribute. Now, open the Unicode Indic (say Unicode Punjabi Microsoft word file) file in OpenOffice2. You can also create all kinds of word/spreadsheet/presentation files with the help of OpenOffice2. After opening (or after creating and saving one in OpenOffice2) the document in OpenOffice2, select menu - File>Export and then choose PDF. Give a name if you want, and you are done. Simple. Isn't it? It works both in Windows and in Linux.

Second option is to use PDF converters. There are dozens of PDF converters available in the Internet, some of which are for free to use. But most of these does not support Unicode, and hence are not able to convert your Unicode document in PDF. Some converters support Unicode, but while converting complex script like Hindi or Malayalam, they tend to insert errors within converted pdf document.



There is a similar kind of PDF converter called - novaPDF, available for download from . Its new version fully supports Indic Unicode language and convert mostly error free PDF documents. Its light version is free, and if you are not annoyed by its small footer message which it inserts in every converted PDF document, then, you can use its professional version for free. To convert documents in PDF by this tool, first you need to download and install novaPDF. Installation is easy, and it takes only seconds. When you install novaPDF in your computer, it installs a printer driver named novaPDF printer. Through this printer driver, your documents are converted in to PDF.

Now, open your document or file that you want to convert in to PDF with suitable, default application. For example, if you want to convert a Microsoft Word Document in to PDF. Open that word file in MS Word. Now go to menu - File>Print and select novaPDF as printer to print this file. Give suitable name if you want, and click OK. And you are done. Your word file is converted in to PDF. Simple. Isn't it?

If you happen to know better solution, let me know.


dean said...

good article,thank you

Anonymous said...

Very Good information is given in this post.....And by this post I solved my problem at my work....Thank you very much.....Keep it continue.....Congratulation for this Great Blog.......Ketan Shah from Madhapar - Kutch - Gujarat - INDIA.

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