Monday, September 18, 2006

How to read Blogger Blogs without Adsense - Adword Advertisements?

Yes, now you can read Blogger Blogs without Adsense distracting you!

Often, readers gets annoyed with bombardment of advertisements in Blogger Blogs. You are on very sensitive line and next line appears to be adsense or adword advertisement. Is there any solution exist? Yes, there are many. One is to use proxy server which strips out any adsense code. Another is to use a stripped down very basic type browser which does not accept Java Scrivpts.

There are many proxy server available in Internet, which you can use to avoid adsense advertisement. One such server is Try to read any Blogger blog full with aggressive advertisement through this proxy (if you want to read blog through pkblogs proxy server, simply add the blog name in the above URL, for example, if you want to read this blog through pkblogs, then use ) and you will happily found that all adsense / adword advertisements were stripped off.



But, then pkblogs adds its own semitransparent advertisement that hovers around status bar. So, be aware, you may accidentally click on the advertisement link.

Anyway, it's a great solution, and you may find many proxy out there all across internet without their own advertisement!

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