Thursday, November 09, 2006

Look ma, Blogger is apoloziging!


Blogger's Super Apology!

Due to Blogger's huge usage, grand user-base and equally big database, it always crawls. Things gets worsen when spammers try their dirty tricks on Blogger for some kind of financial (or whatever) gain. On an any given good day, Blogger and its users feel performance bottlenecks on at least two occasions on an average!

Recently, Blogger felt many such turbulences. In such situations, users of Blogger must keep themselves updated through Blogger Status page. It will be a good idea to subscribe to feed of this official Blogger status blog. Follow this URL to subscribe Blogger status:



And, do you know, Blogger is real gentle in handling its users? It apologizes every time when some such turbulences and performance bottlenecks occurs at Blogger. And, it APOLOGIZES MORE if it feels problem is grave in nature!

But, when problem became SUPER in nature, then? Blogger SUPER APOLOGIZES!

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