Sunday, November 12, 2006

Some real tiny applications for your Windows...


What are your valuable, tiny apps?

There was a real good discussion about tiny applications in CNET. More than 800 postings described about their tiny apps, and gave their reasons for using them. I went through most of the list and surprisingly found that many people share my own likings. Here are some tiny applications (all windows based though) which you can really find useful:



1 ExploreXP - This tiny application is real big in delivering things. As you can see in screenshot, you can make your permanent favorite group folder which you access most often! Further, you can get on the fly folder size information, and many more built-in functionality. Tabbed explorer is great for navigation, and for copy-paste operation. It is, simply, more than Windows Explorer replacement. It is faster than standard windows Explorer. You can download this tiny app from here:

2 Snippy - The irregular shaped screenshots that you are seeing is captured by this tiny screen-capture program Snippy. You can capture any portion of your computer's screen in any shape and size, and use it in any document, outlook, paint and graphics program etc. It has some cool well thought settings through which you can change behavior of this app. The program does not need to be installed. Simply run snippy.exe from any directory of your choice. It sits silently on your system tray until you invoke it to copy a screen portion. A must for anybody who deals in computer graphics.

Download snippy from here:

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