Friday, January 05, 2007

Discovered: PDF files have serious security threat

Oh! No, not again! PDF files that we are using since ages have grave security threat!

Recently, due to a security hole in Firefox 2.0 browser, some Gmail user's all contact information along with all mails have been wiped out from Gmail account itself!.

Now, a security hole is detected in PDF file architecture. According to Joris Evers of ZDNet news,

"...experts warned of links with malicious JavaScript to PDF files can access the user's local machine, Depending on the browser, this means the JavaScript can read the user's files, delete them, execute programs, send the contents to the attacker, et cetera. This is much worse than an attack in the remote zone..."

Every time we look other way and feel secure, suddenly, a new, grave threat comes out of the blue. PDF is incredibly popular file format and in fact, hundreds of e-books, users manuals have been possible only with PDF. This threat may not hit the popularity of PDF files directly, but unless this security hole is patched, ignorant users will remain in real danger.

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