Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here is hundreds of hacks for your Blogger Blogs...

New Blogger provides you hundreds of new attractive features, and every day many more are being added. Why not, after all, the big brother Google is behind it.

Still, at times we may not find some special feature in our blog template. Murphy says - At any given point of time, no application or service can cater the need of every user.

This requires hacks. Current features are modified or some new features are added legally on applications/services to cater individual need. This is called Hack, and in general, programmers often do hacks more for some kicks than for real need.

There is a section created on Wikipedia for Blogger Hacks. You can find hundreds of blogger hacks - both for new and old classic Blogger, beautifully arranged alphabetically. For example, you can find hacks for - how to create 3 column blog template, how to add calendar, how to show 25 newest comments etc. More over, if you are looking for something that is missing, you can add your wish list too. Some one will write a hack for your need in just a few day.

A very important bookmark for Blogger Lover. Bookmark this link - Blogger Hacks on Wikipedia

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