Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Beware! Spam blogs might be stealing your Blog posts!!

And to add salt and peeper to your wound, it scraps all links from your blog post and randomly add phishing/porn links on your contents!

Recently I came across a spam blog which appears hosted on spam blog service as well. Because it does not add any contact details and features like ‘Report Abuse'. The blog is hosted on server somewhere and is using Wordpress as blogging platform.

See the screenshot of blog in question (http://pyro1620.duskdiary.com/blog/2006/12) which has copied contents from this blog:

See the screenshot of WordPress based Free Blog service provider (http://www.duskdiary.com) on which this spam blog is hosted:

Obviously, it appears that to earn quick bucks through Adsense revenues, these spam blogs have been created.

Matter was reported to Wordpress, and they responded:

"It is not hosted by us at WordPress.com , so there is nothing we can do. Find out who is hosting the blog.

Good luck,

The matter was also reported to Adsense support, the response is not received yet.

Sometime earlier, similar incidents have occurred with hugely popular Amit's blog and a rare incident in Hind Blogworld too.

I am afraid, I do not know to whom I should contact to scrap the copied material, and ban the said blog.

UPDATE : A quick look further revealed that hundreds of Desi blog sites have been plagiarized by duskdiary blog!

Here is one such quick link:
is copied at:


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Editor said...

need an update for this post.
My blog is currently being put on this site.

Sara said...

Any update on this? They are stealing from me too. I have "flagged" them but nothing's happened.

Raviratlami said...

editor, sara,

Pl contact the blog owner through comments etc,. and they will remove contents as they have removed mine.

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