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How to play CD / DVD Movie / Video in Fedora/RedHat Linux?

One reader asked how to play DVD movies in Linux.

Viewing any kind of movie in Linux is pretty simple. You need to install MPlayer, the versatile media player.

First, download the codecs required by MPlayer to play media files from this site:

Note that bundled codecs are platform specific, for example, for your Linux x86 machines, download the appropriate codecs from:

Obviously, if your platform is different, such as Mac or AND64, then download that specific version.

Un-tar this file and copy entire contents to directory: /usr/local/lib/codecs/

Then, download MPlayer source from [mplayer source download site, though you may find many more including bit-torrent locations]:

And install this by compiling it. Do not know how to do this? Read this article- How to install application in Linux.

Note that if you want to use GUI frontend for MPlayer, then configure it with --enable-gui option during compiling. Thus, the command to enable GUI will be:

./configure --enable-gui

Finally, download atleast one skin for your MPLayer from:

for example, standard skin from:

Untar it, and copy the contents to this directory: [home dir]/.mplayer/skins/

Here, [Home dir] is the name of your home directory.

The skin can also be copied to directory: /usr/local/share/mplayer/skins/ to enable all users use MPlayer skins.

You are done!

Now, to view DVD movie / Video, give following command:

#mplayer [video.vob]

where [video.file] is the file name with appropriate directory of dvd vob file. You can play DVD through graphical MPlayer. To start MPlayer in graphical mode, give following command:


Right click on its face, then select DVD (or CD as the case may be), then click on Open Disk.

After a while, your movie will start playing.

You can use these steps for any Linux distribution to install MPlayer. MPlayer also comes for Windows, and it is equally powerful media player for Windows platform that can play virtually all kinds of media files. Just Download and install Windows installer for Mplayer from:

Happy viewing!

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