Monday, January 29, 2007

See the Global Virus activities in real time.

Now you can see the global activities of viruss in your computer's monitor.

F-secure, the security firm had hosted a free service WorldMap Live for quite some time that shows Global activities of all kinds of virus on a world map that constantly refreshed every hour or so. The activities of viruses, their name, and their physical locations (infections and spreading) are recorded and displayed in real time. They are arranged neatly in Quite, Low, Medium, High and Epidemic scale. Beside the map, you can see the name of highly active viruses - indicating percentage infections. As it is obvious in the screenshot, currently, the Benwarum email warm is most active with total 44% resulted infections. Interestingly, variants of Mydoom and Netsky are still active and are responsible for second and third most virus infections.

According to F-Secure, WorldMap Live works this way :-

When a virus activity detection occurs, many F-secure security products report back to F-secure with data that includes an IP address. That particular IP address is converted to a physical location which is then displayed on the WorldMap. The WorldMap software runs in real-time as well as 1hour and 24hours playback mode.

You can click upon various parameters there to get detailed information. The worldmap is scalable and you can view a particular continent or a region or a country. The screenshot here shows that there were huge virus activity going on at USA and Europe countries - the area with dense PC penetration.

F-secure also offers online virus scanning for free.

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