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How to play media - MP3 - audio - video in Fedora Linux?

Playing media - mp3, audio, video files in Linux

( Mplayer in text mode: Mplayer supports 93 audio and 211 video file formats, which means, you can play any type of media with Mplayer)

Fedora / Redhat Linux doesn't have built in MP3 support, due to some strange licensing they believe, and hence you can not play these files out of the box.

Now, how can you play MP3 as well as other media files in Fedora / Redhat Linux?

You need to install XMMS - the Windows WinAmp clone to play MP3 and other audio files and if you want to play many Video files, then you must install Mplayer with all its codecs.

Download latest XMMS package from Though you can find Redhat / Fedora packages, it will be better if you compile it from source. Do not know how to do it? Read this article:

How to install programs and applications in Linux

After successful installation, start XMMS by giving command xmms, and a basic, default XMMS window will appear. Now you can play your MP3 files endlessly.

Similarly, if you want to play many proprietary video file formats, including MP3 Audio, best option is to play them with powerful Mplayer - the movie player. Download Mplayer package from And, as indicated at Mplayer's download site, the recommended way to install MPlayer is to compile from source. Just refer above link to get a comprehensive guide on how to do it. Mplayer is command line movie player, and you need to install GUI front-end called Mplayer Skin for it. Download and install Mplayer Skin from

After installation, as usual, you can start Mplayer by giving command mplayer in any terminal. If you have installed GUI Skin, you can start Mplayer in GUI mode by giving suitable command. In command line mode, it will suggest you to give file options etc.

Enjoy Audio - video movies in fedora / Redhat Linux now!

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