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How to take stunning, award winning photos with Digital Camera?

Taking better photographs with Digital Camera...

(This photograph was taken in extreme darkness, in close-up, night mode. The color is true since there were no other color to disturb natural color tone.)

Digital cameras are now fully equipped to replace the traditional Film cameras. The real beauty with Digital camera is that you can take hundreds and thousands of photos without spending a penny for raw materials like films. You can see results instantly, experiment a bit for better results then and there. Not only that, you can store and share your unlimited photos at umpteen places like Flickr in web, and that too without any cost!

Miniaturization of digital camera technology has created many possibilities. Most high end cell phones now have built in digital cameras and many Laptop too have digital web cameras built in. Many of us now possesses one or other kind of digital camera either as multifunction devices or as pure digital camera.

Now, the very basic question arises, how to take stunning, real good, award winning photos from digital camera?

(This photograph was taken with a basic, 2 Megapixel Digital camera - As you can see, you have to wait a little bit so that subject may become dramatic - here, The Sun is coming out from Cloud making vivid divine rays)

Digital cameras are now getting equipped with state of the art technology where you will find most of the complex operations like light metering, focusing, aperture control, color correction and balancing etc. are done automatically, and hand-shake, vibration compensations are added for pin-point sharp results. And, therefore, unless you have made blunders somewhere, your photos, in general comes crisp. Still, there were a few point you must follow for taking photos like a pro.

A - Invest in a good, high-end SLR camera and photography equipment. - although, point and shoot type non-SLR camera are more popular in digital camera world, it is advisable to use Digital SLR camera for professional result.

B- Go for higher megapixel camera- the higher megapixel your camera supports, the


C - Whenever possible, use tripod, or at least, use a fix steady object to place camera while taking shots for crisp photos. Even a small blur may ruin your hard work.

D- Follow the rule of ¾ - that means, if you are taking a landscape photo, say, you are shooting sky, then cover the sky portion to upper ¾ area of your photograph. And if you are highlighting ground, valley or flowing river, then cover that subject in your bottom ¾th area.

E - While taking portrait, do not place object in the centre frame. A small space on right or left will enhance the impact.

F - Take as many photographs as you can with some little experimentation in between. Even professional photographer claim that out of hundred clicks, only a few comes real good.

(This photograph is taken while kids were simply trying to ride a bus during a picnic ride - no any preparations made - just a photo opportunity. It means, you and your camera must always ready to click!)

Finally, use a good photo editing tool to edit/add effect and crop unwanted objects from your photographs. Many award winning photos now are touched-up digital photos - added effects digitally!!

Happy clicking!!

PS : As you can see, I had taken these above pics with simple 2 Megapixel camera, If I had a better camera, say 8 Megapixel camera with a little more functionality, I may have taken these photographs more stunning! Any work - repeat, any work always have options to improve a little bit. Indeed I need a better digital camera for better result like 8 Megapixel HP digital camera, then presently I have ordinary 2 Megapixel...

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